Music & Museums in Memphis

Memphis is famous for its musical culture and its role in shaping the South. Visit this lovely Southern city where the roots of blues, gospel, soul, and rock music can all be traced, and stroll along Beale Street where you can hear just about anything you’d like. While you’re there,  check out these great attractions to delve deeper into the music and history of Memphis:

Memphis Rock’ n’ Soul Museum
Get the full Memphis music experience at the Rock ‘n ‘Soul Museum on Beale Street. Seven galleries plus special exhibits curated by the Smithsonian Institute trace the history of American music from the early musical pioneers of the 1930s and the hardships they overcame, to the later sounds of soul and rock in the 1970s.

Gibson Guitar Factory Tour
After you’ve learned about the musical giants of Memphis, get a look at the technical side of rock ‘n’ roll at the Gibson Guitar Factory. Expert guides will show you around the factory, where you’ll see every step of the process that creates a legendary Gibson guitar. You’ll see the different types of guitars made in the factory, hear the behind them, and learn a bit about the rock stars who play them.

National Civil Rights Museum
When you’ve got your fill of music, it’s time to learn about Memphis’ role in the Civil Rights Movement. The Lorraine Hotel, the site of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, has been transformed into a museum to honor those who fought for equality and to educate visitors about the Civil Rights movement, from the 17th century to the Montgomery bus boycotts and Dr. King’s vision.

You’ll need a place to stay during your Memphis vacation, so be sure to check out our selection of great Memphis hotels.

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