Celebrate the Holidays at Mt. Rushmore

There’s plenty to do in the Mt. Rushmore area during fall and winter, starting with the 15th Annual Festival of Lights in Rapid City. Thousands of visitors each year come to watch the parade of glowing, light-covered floats, horse-drawn carriages, animals costumed in their holiday best, animated scenes, live marching bands, and a full-size locomotive. The parade kicks off at 6:00 in downtown Rapid City on November24.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs
Geology buffs or anyone looking for family fun will love the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs. A 30 minute tour from a knowledgeable guide, special exhibits about the mighty mammoth, and an active scientific excavation site are yours to explore. Learn about mammoths and how they influenced past people of the Dakotas, and see how paleontologists are working to solve the mysteries of the past.

Mt. Rushmore Audio Tours
See the Mt. Rushmore national Memorial at your own pace with the Mt. Rushmore Audio Tour. A hand held audiobox plays informative narration, interviews, sound effects, and recordings of the monument’s creator,  Gutzon Borglum. You can listen to the tour as you walk around the memorial grounds or while you sit and relax. The tour is available in English, German, Spanish, and Lakota.

Browse our selection of cozy hotels in the Mount Rushmore area, from Rapid City to Deadwood and various points in between.


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