More Top Activities in the Mount Rushmore Area

If you’re wondering what to do on your trip to Mount Rushmore this year, other than the tour of the landmark, try visiting a few of the other attractions in the area. These three locations are all designed to bring fun for the whole family and for all age groups.

The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs will give you the opportunity to visit a real paleontology laboratory, view some archaeological films and take a tour with your informative guide. The Mammoth Site is the home to the largest mammoth research facility, and gives you rare opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

A the Journey Museum in Rapid City, you can learn the history of the early people who inhabited the Western Great Plains, who shaped the area into what it is. Collections include the Museum of Geology, where you can touch a real dinosaur bone; the Archaeological Research Center, where you will visit an actual excavation site; the Sioux Indian Museum, where you can listen to the riveting tales of the Lakota peoples; and the Minnilusa Pioneer Museum, where you can explore artifacts from mountain men, military personnel, miners and more.

There’s no archaeological digs at the Pioneer Auto Show & Antique Town in Murdo, South Dakota, but you can find exhibits on Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson, a 1967 Mustang Convertible, a 1945 Harley Davidson Motorcycle with a side car, a J.J. Case Steam Engine and a Aultman-Taylor Tractor, among many other auto displays. The antique town is filled with old music boxes, toys and other knick knacks you may be interested in exploring.

Each of these three sites will give you the opportunity to explore some of the best of South Dakota. Your vacation should be more than just Mount Rushmore. Make the most of it with these activities.

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