Lunch with an Astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

Have lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center! You can get a delicious meal, and meet with a veteran of NASA’s Astronaut Corps. Astronauts that are known to participate include Al Worden, Bob Springer, Bruce Melnick, Charlie Walker, Jon McBride, Wendy Lawrence and Winston Scott. They will relay tales of their excursions, from the dangers to the excitements, and how they prepared for their mission.

From July 25th to the 31st, Ed Gibson from the Apollo Skylab will be attending the event. You can visit with him at various times throughout the day for a thirty-minute question and answer session, or choose to have lunch with him. Lunch begins at 12:00 p.m. daily and runs for approximately one hour.

The Lunch with an Astronaut menu includes a starter salad, a variety of entrees from mahi mahi to fried ravioli with parmesan cheese, and a delicious dessert of assorted pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, pudding and Jell-O.

Also at the KSC is a variety of attractions, from tours to the popular Shuttle Launch Experience®, where you can take your own, exhilarating journey of the rush to Earth’s orbit. There is also an IMAX theater that shows space films like “Space Station 3D,” narrated by Tom Cruise and filmed by 25 real astronauts as they discover the newest star in the sky, the International Space Station; and “Hubble 3D,” which is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and gives viewers an inspiring look into the Hubble Space Telescope.

There are a variety of hotels nearby the Kennedy Space Center, including the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Orlando, the Sonesta Hotel – Orlando Downtown and the Best Western Orlando West, all within two miles.

Get a truly unique experience this year. The Kennedy Space Center offers a wide variety of activities the whole family will enjoy. You can get the chance to go on your own space adventure, as well as meet up with some of the astronauts who have experienced real space adventures.

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