Special Events at the Virginia Living Museum

Throughout the next few weeks, the Virginia Living Museum in Williamsburg is hosting a variety of special events that will entertain and educate you. Learn about the wellness of wildlife, celebrate some of nature’s most feared creatures and become a paleontologist, all at this interactive museum.

When the Virginia Living Museum first opened its doors in 1987, it was the very first of its kind east of the Mississippi. The museum combines a native wildlife park, a science museum, an aquarium, a botanical preserve and a planetarium, all into one exciting experience. There are over 250 animal species throughout the museum’s exhibits, which include the Cypress Swamp, Virginia’s World of Darkness and the Coastal Plain Gallery. There are hands-on demonstrations in biology, space, geology and other fields of science that both kids and adults alike enjoy. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year.

On Saturday, July 21, head to the museum to tour the Dr. C. Louise Kirk Animal Surgical Suite, where the staff cares for any injured animals. The Wild and Well at the VLM event is the perfect opportunity to learn how to take better care of the wildlife around you. The clinic is a new addition to the museum, just having opened in April, and provides the animals with any medical or surgical care they need. You can meet the staff, volunteers and even some of the patients. During the event, you can also watch some of the animals throughout the museum receive enrichment, including bobcats, otters, raccoons, red foxes, coyotes, alligators, red wolves, pelicans, sea turtles and more. All of the activities are included in museum admission.

From July 30 until August 5, the museum is hosting Shark Week! Throughout this event, you can learn a little more about some of the most terrifying creatures of the sea. Shark-themed games and activities are always a hit with the kids, as well as a scavenger hunt that sends them on a quest to find shark facts. The Discovery Center is showing unbelievable shark video footage, where you can learn how sharks help the environment, and why they should be protected. All of the activities are included in museum admission.

You can interact with a paleontologist, and do a little digging for bones yourself, on August 4 when you attend Fossil Mysteries. There are a variety of paleo-themed exhibits, crafts and activities throughout the museum that will open your eyes to the world of extinct creatures. Learn how fossils form. Dig in the fossil pit to search for your own souvenir authentic fossil specimen. The fossils contain evidence of ancient creatures by preserving their bones, teeth and footprints. The museum’s own paleontologists will also be in attendance, ready to answer any questions you may have. Explore the fossil collections in the museum, and you may even meet “living fossils.” All of the activities are included in museum admission.

While you’re visiting the museum for any or all of these exciting events, make sure you stay nearby for easy access. The La Quinta Norfolk Hampton and Savannah Suites are less than five miles away and will provide you with all the comforts, luxuries and conveniences you need while traveling away from home.

The Virginia Living Museum will allow you to go on an exploration, all without ever leaving the museum. These activities and special events are all available for your enjoyment throughout the next couple of weeks, so make sure you get over to Williamsburg for the opportunity to discover new things in a fun and exciting way.

One thought on “Special Events at the Virginia Living Museum

  1. It sounds like there’s always something going on at the Virginia Living Museum! I had no idea it has so much to offer. This is definitely on our family’s “to do” list for 2012!

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