7-Eleven Coasters After Dark at Six Flags America in Washington DC

7-Eleven is right around the corner and Six Flags America is ready to party! Head to Six Flags America and enjoy some of the best coasters after the park has closed at the 7-Eleven Coasters After Dark Event. The only thing you have to do to gain access is to purchase a Slurpee Drink at a select in-park location after 7:11 pm on July 11th. You’ll receive your special VIP wristband for access to this exclusive event.

During the day, enjoy some of the awesome rides that are all-new in 2012. Experience Apocalypse, the park’s newest coaster. The ride features 10 story drops at over 55 mph, with inversions, twists and turns, all while strapped into a standing position.

“Thrill seekers come in all sizes,” states Six Flags America’s website, which is why they have 20 rides that cater to your little tykes. This includes the Foghorn Leghorn Tinsel Town Train, which makes express stops to Tinsel Town, the Looney Tunes Prop House, with its soft play areas and climbing complex, and the spinning cups of Pepe Lepew’s Tea Party. If you prefer rides of a different caliber, try Batwing, the 3,340 foot coaster that spins guests at up to 50 mph. For a more unique ride, try The Joker’s Jinx, a colorful homage to Batman’s greatest nemesis.

If you’re staying in the area, try the Comfort Inn FedEx Field/DC, which is close to the park. Other popular DC hotels include the Courtyard Marriott Washington DC and the Hampton Inn Washington DC, both of which have an indoor pool for your onsite entertainment.

5 thoughts on “7-Eleven Coasters After Dark at Six Flags America in Washington DC

  1. This sound exciting, but I don’t think I would get on that roller coaster though. But it sound interesting.

  2. Are all Six Flags doing this?? That would be awesome. I’ve been trying to go to Six Flags St. Louis, but it’s always been too hot! Coasters after dark would cool the park down, and make the rides so much more exciting.

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