Tips for a Fast-Paced Myrtle Beach Vacation

It’s all about the speed in Myrtle Beach, with fast-paced roller coasters, multi-sensory movie adventures that put you right into the action and high speeds on racecars. Pavilion Nostalgia Park, Ripley’s Moving Theatre and NASCAR SpeedPark will all provide you with adrenaline-pumping, action-packed adventures this summer.

Pavilion Nostalgia Park may be reminiscent of the amusement parks of yesteryear, but that doesn’t mean the rides are any less thrilling. Board The Wave Swinger and take off in the spinning, suspended swings. The Junior Speedway and The Red Baron Airplanes are also two rides that are sure to get your heart racing. A variety of kids’ rides are available, so even the littlest tykes can take advantage of the action, including Kiddie Tea Cup, Kiddie Motorcyle Ride and Kiddie Dune Buggie Ride. All of the classic carnival rides are also present for your enjoyment, including the carousel and the Ferris Wheel. The adventure found at Pavilion Nostalgia Park is perfect for some old-time family fun this summer, especially if you want a little action mixed into it.

At Ripley’s Moving Theatre, you can enjoy a 5-D film that will all but literally put you into the movie. There are two movies at the theatre currently, both of which give you all the speed you desire, right from the comfort of your seat. Settle in to watch either “Grand Prix Raceway” or “Virtual Time Machine,” and get ready for a heart-pumping experience. Both films incorporate cutting edge technology and surround sound to make you feel as though you are living through the movie. That’s not all, though; your seat bumps, moves and dips with the film in a motion simulator. Your chair moves in eight directions to fully immerse you into the action.

There’s no limit to speed at NASCAR SpeedPark, where you can take your pick of over five different courses that twist, turn and slide in fast-paced excitement. There are tracks for the younger kids, tracks for those who want to race against their friends and tracks for those who want to feel like a real NASCAR driver. Also at the park, you can try out the Skycoaster bungee-jumping ride, the rock climbing wall, the miniature golf, the batting cages and the arcade. There is also a more adrenaline-pumping Ferris Wheel ride, Sky Wheels, and a rendition of the classic Tea Cup ride, Slick Spin. If you’re looking for a vacation destination full of high speeds, NASCAR SpeedPark is the fastest option.

When you stay at the Patricia Grand Resort Hotel, you’ll get exceptional care and services, and still be nearby both Pavilion Nostalgia Park and Ripley’s Moving Theatre. Hotels nearby NASCAR SpeedPark include Courtyard Myrtle Beach Broadway, Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach-Broadway at the Beach and Fairfield Inn Broadway, all less than a mile away. Don’t miss out on any of the adventure or excitement this summer with these three high-energy, thrilling attractions. Each of these activities will provide you with a fast-paced, thrilling vacation this year.

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