Fireworks Extravaganza at Six Flags America

This Fourth of July, head over to Washington DC for the Six Flags America Fireworks Extravaganza. If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your nation’s independence, spending the day riding the most exhilarating coasters, watching some of the most entertaining shows and then settling in for a spectacular fireworks display may be the option for you. Six Flags America’s Fireworks Extravaganza on the 4th of July is an action-packed, high-speed adventure.

Start the day off with all of the coasters that the park has to offer. The new ride, Apocalypse, takes you up 10 stories on a steel roller coaster at speeds up to 55 miles per hour with a collection of hairpin turns and pulse-pounding inversions that make you feel as though you are riding straight into the end of the world. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll be standing straight up as it all happens?

Other maximum thrill rides at the park include Batwing, Skycoaster, The Joker’s Jinx and The Mind Eraser. Don’t forget about the Tower of Doom ride, where you’ll take part in a free fall 140 feet down. There are also a variety of other rides that aren’t quite as adrenaline-pumping, but just as equally entertaining. Crash into your friends at Coyote Creek Crazy Cars, feel the pressure of a twister on Cyclone and scream as you drop ten stories immediately as ROAR begins.

If you’re traveling with some younger guests, then there are also a variety of children’s rides and other activities you can spend time enjoying together. Mini-coasters such as Happy Junction, Sky Jumper and Pepe Lepew’s Tea Party are always favorites with younger guests at Six Flags. The kids will also love Kid’s Club Dance Party, where they can bust a move with their favorite Looney Tunes friends, and Pirate’s Quest: A Stunt Adventure, where comedy, drama and action all mix together in an exciting performance.

As the day goes on, the summer heat may get a little warm and you might want to cool off, but don’t worry; you’ll never have to leave the park, because Hurricane Harbor water park is connected to Six Flags and is included with your admission into the theme park. Cool down with rides and slides like Bahama Blast, the Bamboo Chutes and Hammerhead, or take a dip in the Hurricane Bay wave pool, kick back on the Castaway Creek lazy river and spend some time with the little ones at Crocodile Cal’s Caribbean Beach House.

The fireworks display takes place over Hurricane Bay. The colors will explode, contrasting against the night sky for an unforgettable view. As the brilliant and vibrant colors show up in the sky, they’ll also be reflected in the waters of the wave pool, for a truly magnificent sight.

Stay nearby the park when you book a room at Comfort Inn FedEx Field/DC. Don’t worry about traveling far to get back home after a long day at the theme park. This hotel will provide you an affordable stay, while you enjoy all the comforts you deserve. There’s no better way to celebrate the nation’s independence than with a trip to the capital city, and a visit to Six Flags America will be an explosive and exciting experience.

2 thoughts on “Fireworks Extravaganza at Six Flags America

  1. Ive been to the fireworks show at the sixflags in Arlington, texas and it was pretty amazing. im sure this would be too.

  2. I love fireworks. They are so pretty i would like to take my family to Six Flags America fireworks show.

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