What in the World is a Mata Mata? (And Other Unique Animals at RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo)

The Mata Mata, the Kinkajou, the South American Caiman, the White Nose Coatimundi – these are just some of the diverse and extraordinary creatures you will come across at RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo in Sevierville, Tennessee. This zoo is home to a wide variety of species, from amphibians and bugs to mammals and more. You’ll get the opportunity to come face-to-face with all of these incredible critters to create memories you’ll never forget.

There are hundreds of animals from tropical and temperate areas around the world. The zoo animals are primarily those that you would find on channels such as Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. You’ll see all of your favorite animals: kangaroos, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and porcupines, squirrels, macaws and cockatoos, turtles and tortoises, pythons and cobras, bearded dragons and more. You can also explore the world of bugs, where you will find all of the terrifying and unique creatures, such as Death Head Cockroaches, the Indian Ornamental Tarantula, Emperor Scorpions and more.

So what are all of these creatures with the weird names I mentioned earlier? Well, a trip to RainForest Adventures will give you the chance to get up close and personal with all of their unique looks and characteristics. The Mata Mata, for instance, kind of resembles a dinosaur, with a horn-like snout, barbels on the chin and upper jaw, webbed feet and hard and rugged shell. This member of the turtle family is a sit-and-wait predator that is able to blend into its environment as it hunts for dinner. The South American Caiman is another member of the reptile family, but is one that might intimidate you a little more than the Mata Mata. The Caiman is classified as a crocodilian species, lives in Central and South American rainforests and can reach up to sixteen feet in length. The ones at the RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo don’t get quite that large, but they are equally intimidating and fascinating.

The Kinkajou is a small, tropical creature with an odd look of its own. When you catch a glimpse of this adorable tree-dwelling creature, you’ll think you stumbled upon a cross between a bear and a monkey. The coatimundi, on the other hand, looks similar to a raccoon, and behaves like one as well. The coatimundi displays intelligence and scavenges for food usually in the early evening and early morning hours.

See all of these animals and more at the RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo. You’ll get the chance to explore all of the incredible exhibits, as well as go on a real Australian adventure. The Aussie Walkabout allows you to meet all of the Australian creatures, including kangaroos, wallabies, goats, sheep, birds and more. The Aussie Walkabout is 17,000 square feet of animal adventures, all inside the zoo.

When staying in the area, make sure you’re nearby all of the excitement the zoo offers. You can rest in comfort at the Governor’s Inn in Sevierville, Tennessee, the Best Western Greenbrier Inn and Hotel Pigeon Forge. You can also have easy access to popular attractions such as Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction, WonderWorks Interactive Experience – Pigeon Forge, Five Oaks Stables, the Cirque De Chine Acrobatics Show and more.

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