The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

Adventure, discovery and history all await you at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota this summer. You will have the opportunity to travel throughout history, all the way back to the Ice Age. Discover the world of the mammoth, the camel and the giant short-faced bear as they roam through the Great Plains. This museum will give you the chance to do and see it all as you take in one great, mammoth-sized adventure.

A visit to South Dakota can’t be complete without a trip to see the massive presidential heads at Mount Rushmore, but there’s some larger fun at the Mammoth Site. This interactive museum is the world’s largest mammoth research facility and allows guests to tour an active paleontological dig site, view fossils from the Ice Age and more.

In July, Earthwatch volunteers will come to the museum to identify and study the Ice Age fossils found on the excavation site. Earthwatch is an organization that helps care for the world’s environment, wildlife and cultural heritage. The volunteers aid scholars in finding answers to preserving the earth in sixty countries and twenty-five states across the world.

Exhibits in the museum give visitors a personal experience with fossils and with the history of creatures of the past. The In-Situ Exhibit displays fossils of the Columbian and woolly mammoths that were found scattered inside a sinkhole. The bones are all displayed as they were discovered, for a truly authentic experience. In the exhibit, there are walkways that offer you the opportunity to get up-close with the fossils. More than fifty mammoths have been identified, as well as other creatures such as a giant short-faced bear, camels, llamas, prairie dogs, wolves, fish and various invertebrates.

The Muller Exhibit Hall puts on display replicas of the remains of the American lion, giant short-faced bear and pygmy mammoth. There are also hands-on activities in the exhibit, including a full-sized mammoth model and a walk-in mammoth bone hut. Many Voices: The Ferguson Collection is home to one of the finest private collections of artifacts found from the earliest days of North America. These artifacts were found in the Black Hills and the Badlands area and features Clovis and Folsom points.

The newest addition to the museum features Lyuba, a baby mammoth from Siberia. Lyuba was found in May of 2007 by a Nenet reindeer herder on the bank of the Yuribei River. The skin, flesh, internal organs and stomach were still intact inside her frozen body, even after thousands of years. This makes her invaluable to scientists, as they reveal surprising details about the life of mammoths. The exhibit at Mammoth Site features a replica of Lyuba, who is the most complete mammoth discovered to this day.

These exciting and interactive exhibits and more are all available for your exploration at Mammoth Site. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go on an adventure through time and learn first-hand how these incredible creatures lived.

When visiting South Dakota, make sure you are nearby all of the excitement Mammoth Site offers. The Best Western Buffalo Ridge Inn is less than thirty miles from the museum, as well as the Flying T Chuckwagon Supper and Show and the Journey Museum of Rapid City. You can also stay nearby the Mount Rushmore Grand Legends Tour and various other activities in South Dakota when you stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites Rapid City, SD, the Comfort Inn I-90 and the Hotel Alex Johnson – Rapid City.

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