The Audubon Experience: 4 Attractions for One Low Price!

With the Audubon Experience, you can receive an in-depth experience of all the amazing animals, aquatic adventures and insect information found at the Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium and IMAX Theatre. Get admission into all four of these activities for one, low price. The ticket will be available for 45 consecutive days, giving you the chance to visit each attraction and spend an entire day exploring all of the exciting exhibits.

 The Audubon Zoo

 At the zoo, you can take a global adventure without ever leaving the park. Explore the African Savanna, the Asian realm, theLouisianaswamp and even the world of the dinosaur. The Dinosaur Adventure features giant replicas of the triceratops, dilophosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex. At the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit, native animals such as black bears, blue crabs, water snakes, red foxes and more are featured. Elephants, white tigers, Amur leopards and more call the Asian Domain home, while the African Savanna displays zebras, monkeys, giraffes, rhinoceroses and other animals native toAfrica. During the summer months, you can also stop by the Cool Zoo splash park, one of the top water parks in the city.

The Audubon Aquarium

 Can’t get enough of the water fun? After your visit to the Audubon Zoo, you can spend some time at the aquarium. Visit Adventure Island, where you can feed stingrays; Animal Grossology, where you can learn all about some of the “nastiest” creatures on the planet; the Gulf of Mexico Exhibit, where sharks, fish, rays and sea turtles call home; and the Mississippi River Gallery, where you can see the unique white alligator. At the aquarium, you can also watch the penguins and sea otters play, marvel at the mystery of the jellyfish and feel the pressure of a hurricane in a simulated exhibit.

The Audubon Insectarium

 Whether or not you’re an entomologist, you can always enjoy a day at the Audubon Insectarium. Lean about the biggest, fastest and most impressive bugs at the Hall of Fame Gallery. Get an in-depth explanation of some of the insects native to the city at the Insects of New Orleans Gallery, and measure your survival skills as compared to those of a bug at the Success Stories Gallery. You can also spend the day exploring exhibits dedicated to butterflies, termites, praying mantises and more. At the Underground Gallery, you can shrink to insect-size and truly understand what it’s like to live life as an ant.

The Entergy IMAX Theatre

 Currently, there are three films you can choose from when you visit the Entergy IMAX Theatre. “The Last Reef 3D” is all about the world of the tropical reefs, the dangers they face and how you can prevent them from disappearing entirely. “Born to be Wild 3D” tells a heartwarming tale of the love between humans and animals, while during “Hurricane on the Bayou,” you’ll be immersed into the world of Hurricane Katrina and all of the effects the natural disaster left on the area.

 All of these activities are perfect for a vacation toNew Orleans. You’ll never be without excitement and entertainment with the Audubon Experience. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to explore each of these interactive and enlightening attractions. When you’re in theNew Orleansarea, make sure you stay nearby all of the excitement. The Best Western St.Christopher Hotel, Doubletree Hotel New Orleans and Loews New Orelans Hotel are all close by.

2 thoughts on “The Audubon Experience: 4 Attractions for One Low Price!

  1. I have always wanted to visit to New Orleans i heard it was a lot of fun. The The Audubon Insectarium sounds interesting i dont even really like bugs but i would like to visit the museum, and of course i would have to go to The Audubon Zoo & Aquarium. And also i bet the The Entergy IMAX Theatre is awesome so this would be a great family trip.

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