The Area 51 Photo Sightseeing Tour: Explore the Unidentified and the Uninhabited

Top secret areas, uninhabited lands, destinations that “don’t exist…” all of this and more are available for your exploration on the Area 51 Photo Sightseeing Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re looking for a truly unbelievable and incomparable tour, then this is the option for you. You’ll visit JANET Airlines, which, allegedly, doesn’t even exist, the “Extraterrestrial Highway,” the Little A’le’ Inn and more incredible sights along the way. Perfect for families, sci-fi fans and virtually everyone, this tour is one you do not want to miss out on when in the Vegas area.

The tour lasts approximately ten hours, and takes you out of Vegas and into vacant and mysterious areas. Your first stop will be to the airline that doesn’t exist. JANET Airlines is home to six, unmarked commercial jetliners that fly hundreds of workers to and from Area 51. You’ll get the opportunity to spot out some of these aircrafts that remained hidden for many years. Then, you’ll continue on towards the secretive Area 51.

The route to your awaited destination is one through desolate though scenic landscapes. You’ll pass by the dry lake, where you will find ancient Indian petroglyphs, many of which resemble alien life forms. You won’t just be driving nearby the lake; you’ll actually get the opportunity to explore the mysterious area. The lake is the location of many reported UFO sightings throughout the years.

After the dry lake, you’ll continue driving along “Extraterrestrial Highway,” which is one of the most “visited” areas in the country. There is only one small town along the expanse of the 98 miles of highway, adding to the feeling of mystery and suspense during your tour. Rachel is the home of the Little A’le’ Inn, a restaurant and bar that has attracted many documentaries and movies, such as “Independence Day.” The Little A’le’ Inn is filled with information on Area 51, including a manual by Captain Chuck Clark, an ex-air force captain. There are also many souvenirs for you to take home and show off. A quick lunch of the great Alien Burger at the inn’s restaurant will be followed by a journey to the Black Mailbox, a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts across the country. Here, you yourself can scan the skies for any sight of an unidentified flying object.

Afterward, you’ll finally make it to the perimeter of Area 51. Your guide will lead you through an inexplicable “mutant” Joshua Tree forest, guarded forever by “The Men In Black.” These guards, along with various cameras and listening and detection devices, watch over the forbidden area. The strange setting gives off a spooky feel; the guards stay, fully armed, in their 4×4 vehicles, keeping an eye on you, and signs are scattered about, reading “Top Secret Military Facility,” “Keep Out” and “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.” The government denies the existence of Area 51, but this tour will shed some light on some of the reasons why people still believe the world’s most top secret military facility exists.

Mix in a little mystery and suspense into your Vegas vacation. This exciting excursion will take you through some of the most unknown and secretive areas of the world. The tour lasts about ten hours, so make sure you stay nearby the starting and ending point. The Trump International Hotel & Tower, the Palace Station and the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino are all less than a mile and a half away. Rest in comfort before and after a long day of spectacular sightseeing. This is one tour you will never forget.

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