Wild Animal Safaris at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Plan a special wildlife excursion without ever leaving the country at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. With dozens of different safari options, you can have the opportunity to explore the incredible world of Africa, the Savanna and more, right in San Diego.

Take the basic Africa Tram Safari, also included in all eight other safari options, and view giraffes, rhinos, gazelle, zebras, Cape buffalo, ostriches, hornbills, wild swine and antelope. This 25-minute exploration will give you a closer look of the variety of wildlife found in the Africa plains. You will also get the chance to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful views in the park.

Choose the Behind-the-Scenes Safari and go deeper into the park’s wildlife and habitats. Your quiet safari cart will go off-exhibit, into locations that will give you a close-up view of the critters in the park. Your guide will give you inside tips on how each animal is cared for, what goes into designing the enclosures and how conservation and research work is done within the park and around the globe. You will also get the chance to go into the world of the wild cats and critters, learning what a big cat’s bedroom may look like; immerse yourself into the world of the Savanna, feeding Somali wild asses and black rhinos; take a Surprise Safari, with an ever-changing itinerary that will keep you guessing what you will see next; or trade in the animals for the vivid and brilliant world of the native plants. There are many other Behind-the-Scenes Safari options for you to choose from, making your small group tour experience designed to suit you!

Other unique safari experiences include giving you the opportunity to ride by caravan, Segway or zipline. On a Caravan Safari, you can feed giraffes and rhinos, right out of your hand. Go on a Rolling Safari and follow your guide off the beaten path to get up close and personal with some of the park’s Asian and African animals. For a truly incredible experience, view the park from the skies on a Flightline Safari. You’ll get the chance to strap into a zipline and fly over 160 feet above the ground, while the rhinos, deer and other animals roam beneath you.

There are many other safari options for you to choose from while visiting the park. One of these includes the Roar & Snore Safari, where you will get the rare chance to camp out at the park in comfortable tents. You will be surrounded by the voices and noises of the wildlife, as you set up camp overlooking the African Plains. Before you climb into the comfort of your tent, look out at the stretch of land around you and observe the giraffes, rhinos, antelope, gazelles and other African species going about their daily – and nightly – lives. There are several different sleepover options to choose from, including adults-only, all-ages, family and junior nights. When you crawl into your sleeping bag and settle in for a night’s rest, close your eyes to the sounds of African critters.

Before or after your safari experience, take some time to explore the rest of the park’s incredible animal activities and appearances. If you have smaller kids with you, take them to the Fisher-Price Samburu Jungle Gym or the Conservation Carousel. Feed the rainbow-colored lorikeets from your hand at Lorikeet Landing or the gentle goats at the Petting Kraal. Settle in for a show at Cheetah Run, where you can watch the quick and nimble cat race across a 330-foot-long track, going 0 to 70 in just four seconds.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African safari, now is the perfect time to do so. Head over to San Diego and spend the day with rhinoceroses, big cats, elephants, gorillas, monkeys and more. This rare experience is something you will never forget doing.

Stay close by all of the excitement when you book a room at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, just under three and a half miles away. You’ll enjoy all the luxurious amenities provided to you, including an outdoor heated pool, a hot tub and an onsite restaurant. Don’t miss out on any comfort during your action-packed vacation.

13 thoughts on “Wild Animal Safaris at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

  1. The Flightline Safari sounds awesome. What better way to experience this than from 160 ft in the air. Woot! I am so excited!

  2. Man that Safari Park sounds awesome, i love animals and i would really enjoy getting and up close and personal with the wild animals of Aisa & Afica i will have to make a trip to San Diego soon to check out the Behind-the-Scenes Safari or Caravan Safari. Yay

  3. I love the Zoo. I always like to see the zoo when I go to a new place. I love animals and its great to see them all.

  4. I went to the San Diego Zoo when I was little and can still remember how awesome it was! I would love to take my daughter someday.

  5. I’ve never heard of a zoo like this before! This is so unique, I would love to go there. We would have to go many times because I want to go on the caravan, Segway and ziplines.

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