Ahoy Mateys! Pirates Are at Myrtle Beach

Avast ye! Grab your mateys and head down to Myrtle Beach this summer for an experience you will never forget at the Pirates Voyage Fun, Feast & Adventure show. In 2011, the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach went through a drastic transformation into the Pirates Voyage. This show will take all you landlubbers on a journey that will really “shiver ye timbers,” so climb aboard and enjoy an interactive performance you won’t find at any other show.

Now that the weather has started to get warmer and school is out, Myrtle Beach will be packed with exciting activities, shows and celebrations you can spend your summer vacation enjoying. Soak up some rays on the beach, make a splash at Myrtle Waves Waterpark or allow your mind to be blown at all of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum and other Ripley attractions. Then, when you’ve worked up an appetite, avoid restaurants with only good food to their name, and choose a dining experience that will give you so much more.

As you dig into a four-course, pirate-themed meal, you’ll be surrounded by swashbuckling pirates, battling for lost treasure. The Crimson and the Sapphire pirates battle to the death on the full-sized pirate ships, in the 15-foot deep indoor hideaway lagoon and in the sky in an action-packed and energetic presentation. Pick a side and cheer on the buccaneers as they fight for victory.

Swords clash together as you take the first bite of your voyager soup and buccaneer bread. As your main course arrives in front of you, one pirate flips off the plank and into the water as another swings across the stage. Great food joins together with aerobatic and dance moves in this breathtaking dinner show. Your meal also includes half o’ roasted cackler, BBQ pork shank, mashed and flogged taters and more. From the first bite of creamy vegetable soup to the sweet taste of Apple O’ Me Eye Pie, you are guaranteed to be entertained.

If you enjoy the sound of steel on steel, the sight of fire bursting to life and the taste of both excitement and mouthwatering food, then the Pirates Voyage Fun, Feast & Adventure show is the perfect summertime option for you. Never stay far away from all of the action when you book a room at a nearby hotel, including Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel, less than a mile away, and Ocean Forest Plaza Beachfront Myrtle Beach, just under two miles from the theater.

So, all ye landlubbers, hoist up the Jolly Roger and make your way to Myrtle Beach this summer. This two to three hour show is appropriate for all ages, and always brings excitement to every audience member. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible performance. Fair winds!

5 thoughts on “Ahoy Mateys! Pirates Are at Myrtle Beach

  1. That sounds awesome i havent been to a dinner show since i was little i would def go to Myrtle Beach this summer to enjoy the shows and the beach.

  2. This sounds really entertaining. I haven’t been to any dinner show since Dixie Stampede yeras ago, a pirate-themed show sounds fun.

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