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Take a Wildlife Excursion in Orlando

Get in touch with the wildlife in Orlando this summer with any of these tours, activities and attractions. You can swim with the manatees, watch the dolphins play, spend the day with gators, go deep sea fishing and more. If you love animals, or are looking for a truly unique way to spend your Orlando vacation, any of these activities provide the perfect opportunity for fun this year.

Swim with the Manatees
Dive into the sparkling waters of Crystal River for a personalized trip this summer. This beautiful body of water marks the home of some of the most majestic and unique creatures in the world, the manatees. When you swim beneath the surface, you can come up close with these magnificent sea mammals. Escape from the crowded Orlando area and head into the world of the manatees for a full day of exploration that you will never forget. These creatures are incredibly playful, and allow you to look and touch – you may even get the chance to tickle their stomachs!

Dolphin Encounter Tour
If you just can’t get enough of playful creatures after the manatees, then spend some time with the dolphins. Known for their cool tricks, their usual happy disposition and their friendly encounters with people, dolphins have a pretty good rep. Now, you can see them in their natural habitat as you explore the Gulf of Mexico. Get a truly indescribable and incomparable look, first-hand, at these incredibly intelligent and exceptionally entertaining creatures.

Gators, Gators, Gators!
These animals may not have quite as good a reputation as the dolphins and the manatees, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less thrilling. Explore Gatorland theme park’s 110 acres of native Florida wildlife, then climb into an airboat for an up-close and personal look at the wildlife in its natural habitat. You’ll see birds, deer and, of course, gators. Your captain will answer any questions you may have about the area and the wildlife, as well as provide you with insightful narration throughout the experience. Spend the day with one of the more feared creatures in Florida, and get a different outlook on them. You’ll probably never think of them the same way again.

Deep Sea Fishing in the Atlantic
Though this adventure is not recommended for those of you that are anything like me and get terribly seasick, an exciting day on the Atlantic Ocean may appeal to those of you who love to fish. For a full day, you will get the opportunity to try your hand and your luck at catching red snappers, groupers, sea bass and, perhaps, even a shark! You’ll get the chance to see all of the beautiful sights of the ocean, as well as get a memorable adventure on this 85-foot long fishing vessel.

Explore the nature and the wildlife in Orlando this summer with these exciting activities. You’ll get all of the adventure you crave, as well as all of the beautiful sights the Orlando area possesses. There’s more than just Disney memories to be made during your Orlando vacation.

While you’re in the area for these tours and activities, make sure you book a room at a hotel that will put you near it all. Stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Orlando, the Sonesta Hotel – Orlando Downtown or the Best Western Orlando West and never have to travel far for great entertainment.

Get Ready for a NYC Adventure

Go on an adventure this summer in New York with all or any of these thrilling and exhilarating activities. Speedboat trips, helicopter rides, scavenger hunts, bike tours and more are all available during your stay in New York.

Circle Line SHARK Speedboat Thrill Ride
Start your trip off with a splash. Climb into “the beast,” and get ready for a thirty-minute joyride around Manhattan Island. If you love speed, adventure and action, you can live through it all with this exciting boat ride. It’s been called a roller coaster, a cruise and a water ride, and it makes for an action-packed vacation every time. You’ll feel the cool breeze of the wind and the splash of the water as you sit in the open-top speedboat. Don’t miss out on a second of thrills this summer.

New York City Helicopter Tours
Take to the skies with a helicopter ride above the city. Look below for all of the sights of the Big Apple, including the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park and more. Make your adventure one filled with romance with the Romance over Manhattan New York City Helicopter Tour, or get a more comprehensive view with the New York, New York Helicopter Tour. Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed a great time and great views of all of the top tourist attractions, without dealing with the crowds in the street.

New York: The Game
Explore all of the popular attractions while on an exciting tour. No guides, no itinerary, no stress and definitely no boredom. If you’re looking for a way to get an educational and exciting view of New York, this is the option for you. Without any structure to your tour experience, you’re in for one big adventure while you visit the Met, the American Museum of Natural History, Rockefeller Center and more. Visit the city at your own pace, but never let the excitement fade.

Bike Tours & Bike Rentals
With many different options to choose from, it can be tough to figure out which way to best tour the city. Enjoy the weather and the fresh air by renting a bike by one of the most esteemed rental companies in the city. A bike tour is the perfect way to explore the city if you are looking for a little more adventure during your vacation. With Central Park Bike Rentals, you can explore Strawberry Fields and pay tribute to John Lennon, while with the Central Park Movie Scenes Guided Bike Tour, you can have the opportunity to visit the locations of Night at the Museum, Big Daddy, 27 Dresses, Project Runway, Sesame Street, Friends and more.

Don’t miss out on a beat during your New York City vacation. Any of these options, and all of the other incredible tours and activities in the city, will give you the chance to see the sights and make memories that will last forever. New York City is filled with life, and you can experience it all with these activities.

While you’re in New York, make sure you stay nearby all the action. Just over a mile away from Circle Line speedboats is the Best Western Kennedy Airport. There are a variety of hotels nearby Central Park as well, including the Bentley, West 57th Street by Hilton Club and the Shoreham Hotel. Wherever you stay, make sure you’re receiving the best accommodations for the best price possible. All of these hotels, and more, will give you that.

Tips for a Fast-Paced Myrtle Beach Vacation

It’s all about the speed in Myrtle Beach, with fast-paced roller coasters, multi-sensory movie adventures that put you right into the action and high speeds on racecars. Pavilion Nostalgia Park, Ripley’s Moving Theatre and NASCAR SpeedPark will all provide you with adrenaline-pumping, action-packed adventures this summer.

Pavilion Nostalgia Park may be reminiscent of the amusement parks of yesteryear, but that doesn’t mean the rides are any less thrilling. Board The Wave Swinger and take off in the spinning, suspended swings. The Junior Speedway and The Red Baron Airplanes are also two rides that are sure to get your heart racing. A variety of kids’ rides are available, so even the littlest tykes can take advantage of the action, including Kiddie Tea Cup, Kiddie Motorcyle Ride and Kiddie Dune Buggie Ride. All of the classic carnival rides are also present for your enjoyment, including the carousel and the Ferris Wheel. The adventure found at Pavilion Nostalgia Park is perfect for some old-time family fun this summer, especially if you want a little action mixed into it.

At Ripley’s Moving Theatre, you can enjoy a 5-D film that will all but literally put you into the movie. There are two movies at the theatre currently, both of which give you all the speed you desire, right from the comfort of your seat. Settle in to watch either “Grand Prix Raceway” or “Virtual Time Machine,” and get ready for a heart-pumping experience. Both films incorporate cutting edge technology and surround sound to make you feel as though you are living through the movie. That’s not all, though; your seat bumps, moves and dips with the film in a motion simulator. Your chair moves in eight directions to fully immerse you into the action.

There’s no limit to speed at NASCAR SpeedPark, where you can take your pick of over five different courses that twist, turn and slide in fast-paced excitement. There are tracks for the younger kids, tracks for those who want to race against their friends and tracks for those who want to feel like a real NASCAR driver. Also at the park, you can try out the Skycoaster bungee-jumping ride, the rock climbing wall, the miniature golf, the batting cages and the arcade. There is also a more adrenaline-pumping Ferris Wheel ride, Sky Wheels, and a rendition of the classic Tea Cup ride, Slick Spin. If you’re looking for a vacation destination full of high speeds, NASCAR SpeedPark is the fastest option.

When you stay at the Patricia Grand Resort Hotel, you’ll get exceptional care and services, and still be nearby both Pavilion Nostalgia Park and Ripley’s Moving Theatre. Hotels nearby NASCAR SpeedPark include Courtyard Myrtle Beach Broadway, Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach-Broadway at the Beach and Fairfield Inn Broadway, all less than a mile away. Don’t miss out on any of the adventure or excitement this summer with these three high-energy, thrilling attractions. Each of these activities will provide you with a fast-paced, thrilling vacation this year.

Fireworks Extravaganza at Six Flags America

This Fourth of July, head over to Washington DC for the Six Flags America Fireworks Extravaganza. If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your nation’s independence, spending the day riding the most exhilarating coasters, watching some of the most entertaining shows and then settling in for a spectacular fireworks display may be the option for you. Six Flags America’s Fireworks Extravaganza on the 4th of July is an action-packed, high-speed adventure.

Start the day off with all of the coasters that the park has to offer. The new ride, Apocalypse, takes you up 10 stories on a steel roller coaster at speeds up to 55 miles per hour with a collection of hairpin turns and pulse-pounding inversions that make you feel as though you are riding straight into the end of the world. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll be standing straight up as it all happens?

Other maximum thrill rides at the park include Batwing, Skycoaster, The Joker’s Jinx and The Mind Eraser. Don’t forget about the Tower of Doom ride, where you’ll take part in a free fall 140 feet down. There are also a variety of other rides that aren’t quite as adrenaline-pumping, but just as equally entertaining. Crash into your friends at Coyote Creek Crazy Cars, feel the pressure of a twister on Cyclone and scream as you drop ten stories immediately as ROAR begins.

If you’re traveling with some younger guests, then there are also a variety of children’s rides and other activities you can spend time enjoying together. Mini-coasters such as Happy Junction, Sky Jumper and Pepe Lepew’s Tea Party are always favorites with younger guests at Six Flags. The kids will also love Kid’s Club Dance Party, where they can bust a move with their favorite Looney Tunes friends, and Pirate’s Quest: A Stunt Adventure, where comedy, drama and action all mix together in an exciting performance.

As the day goes on, the summer heat may get a little warm and you might want to cool off, but don’t worry; you’ll never have to leave the park, because Hurricane Harbor water park is connected to Six Flags and is included with your admission into the theme park. Cool down with rides and slides like Bahama Blast, the Bamboo Chutes and Hammerhead, or take a dip in the Hurricane Bay wave pool, kick back on the Castaway Creek lazy river and spend some time with the little ones at Crocodile Cal’s Caribbean Beach House.

The fireworks display takes place over Hurricane Bay. The colors will explode, contrasting against the night sky for an unforgettable view. As the brilliant and vibrant colors show up in the sky, they’ll also be reflected in the waters of the wave pool, for a truly magnificent sight.

Stay nearby the park when you book a room at Comfort Inn FedEx Field/DC. Don’t worry about traveling far to get back home after a long day at the theme park. This hotel will provide you an affordable stay, while you enjoy all the comforts you deserve. There’s no better way to celebrate the nation’s independence than with a trip to the capital city, and a visit to Six Flags America will be an explosive and exciting experience.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Savannah this summer, be sure to make some time for a Savannah Riverboat Cruise. There are a variety of different cruise options for you to choose from, everywhere from a sightseeing cruise to a murder mystery cruise. With any option, you will receive an evening or afternoon filled with entertainment and spectacular sights.

The River Street Riverboat Company was first established in 1991, and has been growing tremendously since then. The cruises allow you a choice of options, mouthwatering meals and a whole lot of culture and beauty. There’s no better way to see the sights of Savannah than on a scenic cruise.

If you’re looking for a delicious meal, choose from the Dinner Entertainment Cruise, the Saturday Luncheon Cruise, the Sunday Brunch Cruise or the Gospel Dinner Cruise. On the Dinner Entertainment Cruise, you’ll get the opportunity to dance to some of the most popular hits from the 50s as you dine on an impeccably-prepared meal. The Saturday Luncheon Cruise gives you two hours of beautiful views and a heavenly buffet, while the Sunday Brunch Cruise delivers an appetizing meal every time. Stand on the deck of the ship and stare out at the breathtaking views of the river and surrounding area, then indulge yourself in the exquisite dishes. The Gospel Dinner Cruise gives you the chance to enjoy some of your favorite Southern classics while you munch on the vast array of food prepared in the buffet.

Mix in a little more excitement in your cruise with the Civil War Experience Dinner Cruise & Fort Tour, the Murder Mystery Cruise or the Moonlight Entertainment Cruise. On the Moonlight Entertainment Cruise, you’ll get the chance to take in all of the romance and the relaxation on an hour and a half cruise down the Savannah River. Music from the 50s and today will be playing as the sun sets over the water and the stars reflect on the surface. The Murder Mystery Cruise and the Civil War Cruise both add in a little more adventure. Try your hand at detective work as you track clues and attempt to solve a murder, or watch performances, listen to storytelling and dance along to music all as you dine on a southern-style buffet.

Finally, you can just get a little relaxation in when you take the Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise. For an hour and a half, you’ll see sights such as the “waving girl” statue and learn all about the history of the river and surrounding area.

Each of these cruises offers you the opportunity to see the sights of Savannah in a unique and breathtaking way. The Savannah Riverboat Cruises are truly exceptional, with an award-winning staff, fantastic food and incredible music. Stay at The Dresser Palmer House, the Hampton Inn & Suites Savannah Historic District or the Best Western Plus Savannah Historic District, and be less than a mile away from your cruise.

The Grand Canyon West Rim Motorcoach Tour

The summer season is the perfect time for an exploration of the Grand Canyon, and with a West Rim tour, you can have the opportunity to explore the natural wonder in a variety of different ways. The Grand Canyon West Rim Motorcoach Tour allows you to choose from one of four options: just take the motorcoach tour, add a walk across the Skywalk, throw in a helicopter and a pontoon trip or mix all three additional options together with the motorcoach. Whichever tour option you choose, you are guaranteed to have a wild adventure in the Grand Canyon this summer.

With each option, you will start in Las Vegas and board a comfortable and accommodating motorcoach. You will stop at the Arizona Hoover Dam outlook, where you will have prime photo opportunities; the Joshua Tree Forest, which is 900 years old; the Hualapai Indian Reservation at Eagle Point, where you can experience the culture of the native people; Hualapai Ranch, a cowboy town reminiscent of the Old West; and Guano Point, where an 1800s mine resides. Take some time to browse the lands for Native American curios and jewelry, before returning back to Vegas on the motorcoach.

When you add in any of the additional tour options, you’ll get an even more extensive experience in the canyon. The addition of the Skywalk will allow you to walk across the 70-foot long platform that hovers over the depths of the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk is situated in Eagle Point, which is named for its rock formation that resembles the great bird. The Skywalk sits over 4,000 feet above the canyon floor and gives visitors an incomparable view of the landmark.

Add a helicopter and a pontoon tour to the mix and you’ll get an even more comprehensive visit. In addition to the motorcoach, you can explore the canyon by the air and the water. Take a 20-minute helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon, board a pontoon boat for a scenic float down the Colorado River, then climb back into the helicopter for a flight back up. You can also add the Skywalk to this tour option for an even more thorough visit.

With any of these options, you will see the beauty of the Grand Canyon first-hand. The sights and views are ones that you cannot experience anywhere else. The magnificent rock walls, the extensive stretch of land and river and all of the beautiful foliage and wildlife are guaranteed to provide you with memories you will never forget.

When staying in Vegas and taking this tour, make sure you book a hotel that’s close by the starting and ending point of the excursion. After a long day of exploration, you’ll want a comfortable hotel room that you can retire to. You’ll get that at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, just a mile away, or at Paris Las Vegas, Westin Casuarina and the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, all within a half-mile of the tour.

4th of July in Williamsburg

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and Williamsburg is featuring a variety of activities that will celebrate the 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Visit Yorktown Victory Center for the Liberty Celebration, Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their IllumiNights fireworks spectacle and Colonial Williamsburg for a day of celebration. This 4th of July, make sure you visit Williamsburg for any of these exciting, patriotic celebrations.

At the Yorktown Victory Center, July 3-4 marks two days of history, reenactments and American patriotism. Revolutionary War re-enactors will be present both days from 9:00 to 6:00, demonstrating tactical and artillery drills, military exercises and more. Guests can discover the origins of some of the most popular American dishes, like apple pie, and travel through history back to the days of colonial America. There are interactive activities scheduled for the entire day. Train as a member of the Virginia militia, become a Continental soldier and try out some of the games of the past, including mancala, quoits and hoop and stick. All day long, you can go back in time for this incredible event.

Or, spend the day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where you can get your heart pumping on all of the exciting coasters. Then, enjoy all of the fantastic shows that IllumiNights present. Wunderbarn, Voila!, Giardino Magico and The Legend of Killarney will be performed in the various countries in the park, at Germany, France, Italy and Ireland. At the end of the night, after you’ve caught all of the spectacular shows, get comfortable for the fireworks display at 9:30. If you miss the IllumiNights excitement on the 4th, don’t worry, because they will be running from July 1 to August 19.

In Colonial Williamsburg, you can enjoy a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence, a scenic and relaxing picnic at Palace Garden, an incredible performance by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and a stunning fireworks display to wrap it all up. The celebrations start at 10 a.m., with the fireworks show ending the exciting day at 9:30. Dining options are available at various taverns, including Chowning’s, Christiana Campbell’s, King’s Arm and Shields. There will also be a Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums march from the Capitol all the way to Market Square, a performance by the Heritage of America Band, United States Air Force, Langley and another performance by the Fifes and Drums on Palace Green. Finally, settle in for the main event, the fireworks show.

All of these 4th of July celebrations and more are available for your enjoyment in Williamsburg this year. Don’t miss out on the perfect way to celebrate the nation’s independence than with these action-packed, historical and entertaining events.

When you’re in Williamsburg, make sure you stay nearby the action. The Quality Inn At Kingsmill is a popular lodging option in the area that provides you with an affordable stay, many great amenities and easy access to any of the three celebrations. The Hampton Inn & Suites Williamsburg-Central is just over a mile away from Colonial Williamsburg and features both an indoor and an outdoor pool, as well as a hot tub. Spend 4th of July in enjoyment, ease and excitement this year in Williamsburg.

Grand Ole Opry Performances June 29 – July 3

This week at the Grand Ole Opry, you’ll get two chances to catch up with two popular artists and groups for the chance to get an autographed copy of their CDs. On Friday, June 29, head to the Opry Shop for the chance to get a signed Leaving Eden CD from the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Then, settle in for a performance by them and other favorite stars. On Saturday, June 30, Craig Campbell will be in the shop, signing copies of his debut, self-titled album.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops have been together since 2005, entertaining audiences with their old-time string band sound. In 2010, they won the Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Folk Album” for their CD Genuine Negro Jig. This collection of four banjo, guitar, fiddle, tambourine and mandolin-playing musicians mix in a little bit of beatboxing with their folk sound. They’ve been featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack with their song “Daughter’s Lament,” and just released their seventh album, Leaving Eden, in February. Friday night from 5:30-6:30, get the chance to get a copy of the new CD. Then, join the Drops for an incredible performance as they take the stage with Craig Campbell, Canaan Smith, Jim Ed Brown and more.

On Saturday, Craig Campbell is coming back for a second night of musical entertainment. First, catch up with him in the Opry Shop where he will be making an appearance to mingle with fans and sign copies of his debut CD. Campbell’s music is always down-to-earth and relatable, and his powerful voice awed fellow country artist Luke Bryan. Bryan encouraged him to write his own songs and record demos, and eventually Campbell was noticed by Michael Powers from Bigger Picture Group, who fell in love with his sound. Before the show, where you are also bound to fall in love with him, get the chance to get a signed copy of his new CD.

Campbell will be joined by Elizabeth Cook, John Conlee and more of your favorite artists.

Tuesday, the Grand Ole Opry is hosting another concert event with appearances by Mark Wills, Sarah Darling, The Black Lillies and others. The complete lineup for this week is as follows:

June 29 – The Grand Ole Opry

  • Carolina Chocolate Drops
  • Craig Campbell
  • Canaan Smith
  • Mike Snider
  • Jim Ed Brown
  • The Issacs

June 30 – The Grand Ole Opry

  • Craig Campbell
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • John Conlee
  • Jesse McReynolds
  • The Grascals
  • Doyle Dykes

July 3 – The Grand Ole Opry

  • Mark Wills
  • Sarah Darling
  • The Black Lillies

…and more!

When you’re staying in Nashville for any of these great performances, make sure you book a room at a hotel that will provide you with all of the comforts you need, and put you nearby all the action. Hotels in the Opryland area will give you the chance to stay close to the show, as well as give you easy access to many of the other popular attractions in Nashville, and give you all the luxuries you deserve while away from home. The Guesthouse Inn & Suites Music Valley, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Opryland and Comfort Inn Opryland Area are just a few of the great hotels in the area.

Cool Down at San Antonio Water Parks this Summer

Cool off from the summer heat at any of these San Antonio water parks. White Water Bay at Six Flags Fiesta, Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Splashtown Waterpark are three wet and wild activities that will cool you down from the hot, Texas sun this season. When you are visiting the city this year, whether to tour the Alamo, get into the Old Western feel or catch a baseball game, take some time off and get out of the heat.

White Water Bay at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

You can spend the day enjoying all of the thrilling rides and shows at Six Flags Fiesta, then take a break from the summer heat at the connected water park. White Water Bay is home to one of the largest wave pools in the country, as well as a dozen other exciting water attractions. From high thrill level rides to more mild activities, the adrenaline never stops at this water park. Try the Big Bender, where you’ll plummet down the slide, twist through dark tunnels and splash through waterfalls before a 50-foot drop. Or, take the kids to Texas Treehouse, where they can control the water, including tipping over the enormous water tank on the unsuspecting heads below. White Water Bay is home to muti-passenger rafting rides, water slides, a wave pool, kid-sized water activities and more, making it the perfect way to cool off from the summer heat.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas also includes water rides inside the park, such as Bugs’ White Water Rapids, The Gully Washer river adventure and The Power Surge, where even the bystanders will get soaked. Spend the afternoon on all of the high-speed roller coasters, with the wind against your face, and then head over to the water rides in both the amusement park and White Water Bay. White Water Bay admission is free with admission into Six Flags Fiesta Texas, so you can enjoy two parks for the price of one!

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Lean why Schlitterbahn Waterpark is the best water park in the world when you visit San Antonio this year. Schlitterbahn is located in New Braunfels, just minutes away from San Antonio. Learn how to surf, take an exploration down the Congo River, grab tight to your tube or raft as you shoot down high speeds on a slide and twist through a water-filled canyon in a “choose your own adventure” water ride. Schlitterbahn is filled with dozens of rides, pools, kid’s playgrounds and more. Lay on the beach, take a dip in the ocean and swim right up to a bar to enjoy a drink as you cool off. Spend the day at Schlitterbahn – you’ll never have to leave the water! The Transportainment river at this park allows you to travel from one attraction to the next, all from the cool water.

Splashtown San Antonio

At Splashtown Waterpark, you can enjoy more than fifty rides and attractions, special events, a covered picnic area, a restaurant and concession stands, dive-in movies and more, all in one location. With a wave pool, kid’s activities, a lazy river, volleyball courts (including water volleyball), a basketball court, water slides and more, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy at Splashtown. The Hydras slide is filled with corkscrews, twists, turns and drops, all within 5 stories. StarFlight is one of the most popular slides at Splashtown and takes riders through complete darkness in a fully-enclosed tube. Kid’s Kove is filled with activities that put the youngest kids in control. This attraction is designed for preschoolers and toddlers and includes a kid-sized lazy river, rides and an interactive play area. Throughout the summer, you can also head over to the wave pool around sunset for a dive-in movie, including The Smurfs, Puss in Boots and Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island.

There are a variety of other activities in San Antonio you can enjoy while cooling off from the summer heat. Check out the attractions at SeaWorld, go underground in a cavern exploration at Natural Bridge Caverns and catch an entertaining and educational film at the IMAX Theatre San Antonio.

Make sure you stay nearby all of the excitement when you book a room at one of these San Antonio hotels. The Rodeway Inn at Six Flags will put you within two miles of the theme park, as well as provide you with a comfortable and affordable stay. El Tropicano Riverwalk is within four miles of Splashtown Waterpark, and conveniently is located right in the middle of the action in the city. There are a variety of other hotels in San Antonio that will put you right next to all of the top attractions, tours and activities as well.

This summer, cool off from the heat with these and other top attractions in San Antonio. Each of the water parks features high-speed, action-packed rides, slides and other activities that will keep you entertained as you chill down from the summer sun.

The Audubon Experience: 4 Attractions for One Low Price!

With the Audubon Experience, you can receive an in-depth experience of all the amazing animals, aquatic adventures and insect information found at the Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium and IMAX Theatre. Get admission into all four of these activities for one, low price. The ticket will be available for 45 consecutive days, giving you the chance to visit each attraction and spend an entire day exploring all of the exciting exhibits.

 The Audubon Zoo

 At the zoo, you can take a global adventure without ever leaving the park. Explore the African Savanna, the Asian realm, theLouisianaswamp and even the world of the dinosaur. The Dinosaur Adventure features giant replicas of the triceratops, dilophosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex. At the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit, native animals such as black bears, blue crabs, water snakes, red foxes and more are featured. Elephants, white tigers, Amur leopards and more call the Asian Domain home, while the African Savanna displays zebras, monkeys, giraffes, rhinoceroses and other animals native toAfrica. During the summer months, you can also stop by the Cool Zoo splash park, one of the top water parks in the city.

The Audubon Aquarium

 Can’t get enough of the water fun? After your visit to the Audubon Zoo, you can spend some time at the aquarium. Visit Adventure Island, where you can feed stingrays; Animal Grossology, where you can learn all about some of the “nastiest” creatures on the planet; the Gulf of Mexico Exhibit, where sharks, fish, rays and sea turtles call home; and the Mississippi River Gallery, where you can see the unique white alligator. At the aquarium, you can also watch the penguins and sea otters play, marvel at the mystery of the jellyfish and feel the pressure of a hurricane in a simulated exhibit.

The Audubon Insectarium

 Whether or not you’re an entomologist, you can always enjoy a day at the Audubon Insectarium. Lean about the biggest, fastest and most impressive bugs at the Hall of Fame Gallery. Get an in-depth explanation of some of the insects native to the city at the Insects of New Orleans Gallery, and measure your survival skills as compared to those of a bug at the Success Stories Gallery. You can also spend the day exploring exhibits dedicated to butterflies, termites, praying mantises and more. At the Underground Gallery, you can shrink to insect-size and truly understand what it’s like to live life as an ant.

The Entergy IMAX Theatre

 Currently, there are three films you can choose from when you visit the Entergy IMAX Theatre. “The Last Reef 3D” is all about the world of the tropical reefs, the dangers they face and how you can prevent them from disappearing entirely. “Born to be Wild 3D” tells a heartwarming tale of the love between humans and animals, while during “Hurricane on the Bayou,” you’ll be immersed into the world of Hurricane Katrina and all of the effects the natural disaster left on the area.

 All of these activities are perfect for a vacation toNew Orleans. You’ll never be without excitement and entertainment with the Audubon Experience. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to explore each of these interactive and enlightening attractions. When you’re in theNew Orleansarea, make sure you stay nearby all of the excitement. The Best Western St.Christopher Hotel, Doubletree Hotel New Orleans and Loews New Orelans Hotel are all close by.