Water Country USA Opening Day

May 19th Water Country USA will be opening its gates once again for a summer of slippery slides and wet rides. The mid-Atlantic’s largest water park, Water Country USA, has developed several water rides and attractions that follow a fun and funky 1950s and 60s surf theme. While the state-of-the-art rides are the main attraction, summer entertainment, dining and onsite shopping venues are also worth a try.

The newest addition to the Water Country USA’s long list of thrill slides is the Vanish Point. Inspired by a wave’s ability to create a crest that exemplifies a partnership between gravity and water, the summit has two separate tunnels for the park’s many guests. After climbing the 75-foot tower, guests will enter a “skybox,” which is basically a clear, vertical tunnel. Before they can get settled in, the floor drops from beneath their feet and they plunge down a 300-foot speed slide.

There are also several family rides available, like the Aquazoid and Super Duck. These two family raft rides take guests along 864 feet of thrilling plunges and under five super-soaking water curtains, all at 20 feet per second. The ride ends with a unique underground finale. Big Daddy Falls is another family adventure that features waterfalls, caves and cannon blasters on a 670-foot long ride. For a friendly competition, check out the Nitro Racer, where you can actually race to the finish of the super-speed slide.

Take the kids to any of the park’s interactive water areas, like Cow-A-Bunga, where water slides, falls, fountains, water cannons and a bubble area are available. There’s also H20 UFO, the park’s largest play area that features slides, spray jets, waterfalls and a ride that children and parents can enjoy together. For the littlest member of the family, the Kritter Koral has scaled-down water sides, play equipment and fountains.

For lodging options within two miles try the Quality Inn at Kingsmill, which has a heated indoor pool, an outdoor pool and a complimentary hot breakfast. The Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder is also quite close and is only .8 miles from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The Crowne features a heated indoor pool, an outdoor pool, hot tub and free wi-fi.

Whatever your reason for visiting Williamsburg this summer, be sure to check out the new rides and awesome oldies at Water Country USA.

25 thoughts on “Water Country USA Opening Day

  1. Water Country USA lets go! I will have to check out this world famous water park for myself this year. I really want to get on their new ride called Vanish Point it sounds interesting, this is def something i would take my family to sometime this summer.

  2. I can’t for this to open. I love raft rides! Watch out Water Country USA, here we come…..Open in 7 days!

  3. Water Country is so incredibly interesting, and being in Williamsburg you have to stop by Colonial Williamsburg as well. What a great vacation.

  4. Vanish Point sounds awesome! I would love to get the chance to visit Water Country. I’m not usually a big fan of water rides – I prefer roller coasters, but Vanish Point sounds thrilling to me!

  5. I love waterparks and my son loves them even more. Can’t wait until vacation time so we can go enjoy the water!!

  6. Living in Branson; White water is the only water park I’ve ever been to and I love it! A new water park sounds like the start to an exhilarating vacation.

  7. Waterparks are so fun and I would love to go Water Country USA this year. I love summertime and I will definitely be going to at least one of the waterparks this year.

  8. this is great i know a lot of people that have been waiting on it to reopen for the season…love summer time….

  9. I think it is neat that this water park has a 1950’s-1960’s theme but has state of the art rides. It seems like a really fun water park to go to this summer!

  10. This park sounds so exciting. Add to it the Bush Gardens Park and any vacation would be complete. Can’t wait to go!!!

  11. This park sounds like a great way to beat the heat!! The family raft rides are something the kids and I would love and Vanish Point seems exciting and scary at the same time!

  12. I think the best part of water parks are the family raft rides. I’m glad Water Country has several of them. It’s something fun that everyone can enjoy together. The Big Daddy Falls sounds like it would be fun.

  13. This water park looks like it would be a great place for my friends and I to visit this summer I’m already putting this on the To-Do list!

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