Memphis’ Top Attractions Made Easy

Courtesy of the Tourism Cares and the Tourism Cares / Globus American “American Icons” Program, visitors to the Rock ‘n Soul Museum can now get a free ride to other popular Memphis attractions. First visit the Rock ‘n Soul Museum, then take the shuttle to Heartbreak Hotel, Graceland and Sun Studios. The shuttle leaves every hour at the half hour each day from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Rock ‘n Soul Museum’s exhibition was created by the Smithsonian Institution and tells the stories of Memphis’ musical pioneers. From the very beginning of soul and rock ‘n roll, the musical journey begins in the 1930s and continues to present-day. It details the rise of Sun, Stax and Hi records as well as Memphis’ rise to musical significance in the 70s. The tour is self-paced and is accompanied by an audio guide, which features over 300 minutes of informative audio and over 100 musical pieces. Each of the seven galleries contains several artifacts, instruments and costumes. There are even 3 audio visual programs for a more interactive experience.

When you head over to Graceland, be sure that you have your pre-purchased tickets handy. Enjoy the Graceland Platinum Tour, which includes an audio-guided tour of Graceland Mansion and the grounds. With a detailed overview of the mansion and family memories provided by Lisa Marie, the audio lets you see a more personal side of the vast estate. You’ll even here commentary from Elvis himself! The tour will take you through eight rooms, the “jungle” den and the trophy building as well as Elvis’ final resting place.

If you’re interested in seeing The King’s toys, take the Self-Guided Tour, where you’ll see Elvis’ two custom airplanes, the automobile museum, memorabilia museum and several special exhibits.

Be sure to add the Sun Studio Guided Tour to your itinerary so that you can explore the roots of musical legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. There, you’ll see rare memorabilia and hear the little-known tales of the stars that once walked the halls. The only recording studio to be named a National Historic Landmark, Sun Studio displays artifacts like Elvis Presley’s microphone from the recording of his first song, “That’s All Right.”

Once the home of Elvis, the Heartbreak Hotel is both a piece of history and an excellent place to stay. The décor is reminiscent of Elvis’ rather extravagant tastes, with animal print carpet and purple velvet couches paired with the sheen of red leather. The hotel’s amenities are modern with an Elvis twist, featuring an outdoor pool shaped as a heart and a “Jungle Room” lounge.

Have a full rock ‘n roll experience in Memphis with the convenience of easy transportation. Travel to the Rock ‘n Roll museum and learn about the rise of late legends, visit Graceland where Elvis lived and Sun Studio where he worked, then head back to your hotel and relax in true Elvis style.

7 thoughts on “Memphis’ Top Attractions Made Easy

  1. I have been to Memphis several times and Graceland once. I had such a blast every time i was in Memphis! After reading this article, I would like to see the other places discussed in this article.

  2. I’ve always been interested in Sun Studios, so many music legends have paved a path there. I love Johnny Cash!

  3. The history behind Rock and Roll is something I would love to hear, I need to get out and visit the Rock and soul Museum.

  4. I have an passion for music and i love to learn about the history of it as well i will have to make a trip the the Rock N Soul museum and def stay at Heartbreak Hotel.

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