The Best Places to Eat in Vegas

Sin City has a lot of sinful things; booze, gambling, ladies in skimpy outfits and a constant haze of cigarette smoke, but Sin City’s lesser-known crime is that the food there is sinfully delicious. We’ve put together some of the best casual dining restaurants in Vegas to make your vacation a whole lot simpler.

The Hard Rock Café

 The Hard Rock Café of Las Vegas is marked by a distinct 84-foot neon guitar, embodying the casual, comfortable and rock ‘n roll spirit of the American café classic. While you eat, check out the Tower of Power, a tower that runs up the center of the building and features tons of LCD monitors. As per usual, this Hard Rock also has several guitar displays, an Elvis Wall and museum-worthy rock memorabilia. Among these rock artifacts is a cape once worn by Jimi Hendrix, Kiss Costumes from the Psycho Circus tour and handwritten letters from The Beatles.

The food is a legend all its own, with great classics like Hard Rock nachos and hickory smoked chicken wings to start with. Of course, you can’t forget the Legendary 10oz Burger, which is topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, a fried onion ring and other legendary toppings. The adventurous should try the Local Legendary, which is different at each Hard Rock location.

 Planet Hollywood


Planet Hollywood is known for its strange and dramatic take on classic American foods and in Sin City the more dramatic, the better. Appetizers at this tasty hot spot include the World Famous Chicken Crunch, which comes in a glass full of cheese with mustard dipping sauce. There are also several creative and masterful burgers available like the Celebrity Chili Cheese, which is topped with fresh mmade chili and the Double Down, a combination of a 14 oz double-patty, swiss, sautéed mushrooms, onions, bacon, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese all on one enormous burger. There are also several pasta and steak options to choose from.

 To top it all off, try one of Planet Hollywood’s delectable dessert creations, like the Cool Planet Double Chocolate Brownie, homemade carrot cake and banana fosters cheesecake.

 Las Vegas Meal Ticket

 If you’re having trouble deciding which mouth-watering delight you’d like cozy up to, you should consider the Las Vegas Meal ticket. Choose from seven of Vegas’ most popular restaurants without worrying about your budget. This includes a meal at Planet Hollywood and Cheeseburger Las Vegas as well as some more exotic options like La Salsa Cantina, the Spice Market Buffet, and Pampas Brazilian Grill. Click here for details.

 Perhaps the most intriguing of these exotic options is the Spice Market Buffet. For those of you who like your meals all-you-can-eat style, the Spice Market Buffet serves up flavors from all over the world, from Mexico, Italy, Asia and the Middle East to country-fried American. There’s also a delicious dessert section that you can’t help but migrate to after your more-than-filling meal. This buffet was even voted #1 in Vegas, so be sure to go back for seconds.


When you crawl out of that casino and into the crowded, neon-lit streets of Vegas, you’ll be happy you thought to get a meal ticket ahead of time. Book your hotel ahead of time too with  any of the gorgeous lodging options available, like The Stratosphere, which has phenomenal views of the city. You could even stay at the Hard Rock Café Casino & Resort or the Planet Hollywood Resort for even easier access to these great mealtime options.

11 thoughts on “The Best Places to Eat in Vegas

  1. Mmm this all sounds delicious. I’ll have to take a long vacation to Vegas to try out all of this food. You had me at Legendary Burger.

  2. I am a big food fan!(Ha Ha) I love to try new, different, and delicious food. I will have to take a trip to Las Vegas soon so i can take part in eating the sinfully good food.:)

  3. Las Vegas that will be my next vacation destination!!!! So many places to have fun and eat and thats my thing!!!

  4. You have certainly made Vegas seem delicious. Maybe I’ll skip the casino and head straight for that Spice Market Buffet!

  5. I’ve been to Vegas several times and I can’t wait to go back. I have eaten at Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood and the next time I vacation in Vegas I need to purchase the Meal tickets so that way I can try these other restaurants I haven’t tried.

  6. Vegas is so much fun! The food is amazing! I’m definitely gonna have to buy a meal tickets and save some money.

  7. I agree Meagan. When I go I will be getting that meal ticket! And of course going to the casions! Its not Vegas without gambling! 🙂

  8. I would love to go to Vegas soon. I really need a vacation and I think Vegas would be a really great price to visit this year.

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