A Sandcastle Come to Life at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

If you’re familiar with the Wet ‘n Wild parks, you’ll know that they provide non-stop fun throughout your entire visit. With seven multi-person slides, four solo-slides, a variety of activities that let you kick back and relax from all the fun, personal water crafts, wake skating and knee skiing, your summertime adventure is guaranteed to be a wonderland of watery fun. But wait, there’s more! This summer, the Wet ‘n Wild park becomes all about the kids, with a brand new attraction. So, really, you have no reason not to pack up your little tykes and head to Orlando.

Wet ‘n Wild has always been a family establishment, perfect for slide-lovers of all thrill interests. “Surge” down a series of turns, twists and dips on an invigorating five-story tube ride. Grab your adrenaline junkies and rush down the six hundred-foot ride. Disco fans will love the four-person Disco H2O ride, that takes you on an enclosed adventure through flashing lights and “groovy” sounds, before you are shot out of the tunnel, through a waterfall, and into the pool. Prefer to go solo? Drop like a bomb when you’re released through a trap door and down seventy-six feet, almost entirely vertical. No mat or tube carries you down, just water. Or, feel the power of a cyclone on The Storm, dropping through an elevated chute, before spinning into a giant bowl and ending three feet into the pool below.

The park also allows you to test out your water sport skills. Grab the rope and hold on tight as you try to keep your balance wake skating, or get towed around the lake with your knees firmly planted on a board. The Wild One lets you climb inside large tubes as you’re pulled around the lake by a personal water craft. Your tube will bounce and soar over the surface of the water in an exciting ride.

When it’s time to cool off and relax, hit up the cabanas, or grab a drink at the Wild Tiki Lounge. Mom will love relaxing in a tropical oasis underneath the shade, while dad will enjoy the flat-screen TVs at the lounge. But if you’re not quite ready to get out of the water, the lazy river takes you on a peaceful float through Florida’s past. Rustic billboards, old boat docks and serene waterfalls surround the four-foot deep river, giving you a scenic sight as you drift slowly past. A little more action awaits you at the Wave Pool Surf Lagoon, complete with four-foot waves and a dramatic waterfall. Or team up boys-versus-girls and play a competitive or just-for-fun game of sand volleyball.

This summer, the family-friendly fun continues to exceed your expectations. The brand new Kid’s Park has a unique setting that will amaze the kids. Think back to the biggest sandcastle you built when you were young. Remember the pride you felt at its size and sturdy structure. Well, that’s how the Wet ‘n Wild park is going to feel when the sixty-foot (no, you read that right, it’s sixty feet tall) sandcastle opens up to the public. But the tide won’t be taking this castle away. Instead, it will be ruled by your little tykes as they explore the playground and pools, complete with more than one hundred soakers, jets, waterfalls and cannons. There’s both an upper and a lower pool, providing the kids with the opportunity to have fun, without the stress of a crowd. In those pools, there are seventeen kid-friendly slides for hours of entertainment.

While visiting the park, the Sheraton Studio City, Orlando Metropolitan Express and Monumental Movieland are just some of the hotels within a half-mile of the water park. Avoid the discomfort of driving the long distance back to your hotel in your wet bathing suits and clothes, and stay within minutes away. Universal Studios Orlando is less than one mile away from the park and the hotels, if you’re looking for more exciting activities to do with your family during your stay in Orlando. After a day of movie-magic fun, grab dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, less than half a mile away, for a musical meal. Fun Spot Family Action Park and Titanic – The Experience are all other nearby attractions that both you and the kids will love as well.

The new park will be the largest of its kind in Florida, stretching throughout more than an acre of land. Your kids will love exploring the different attractions in the giant sandcastle, and dumping water on the heads of their unsuspecting siblings below. With all of the family fun activities the park already provides, the new kid’s park is just one more reason why you should make your summer Wet ‘n Wild.

One thought on “A Sandcastle Come to Life at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

  1. I love lazy rivers. I don’t live anywhere Orlando, but the local Schlitterbahn in KC has a whole network of lazy rivers that takes you around the park. Maybe I should test the water at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando on my next vacation.

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