Giants Return to Myrtle Beach at Ripley’s Aquarium

The ground is quivering underneath Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach this year, with the opening of their new exhibit “Dinosaurs – When Giants Ruled! This exhibit features interactive activities that pay tribute to some of the greatest creatures who ever roamed the Earth.

Once upon a time, there were over seven hundred different species of dinosaurs, spread out across the globe. Small ones, big ones, spiky ones, scary ones… This little Dr. Seuss rant was only meant to show the diversity of these creatures, but it doesn’t even begin to cover the immense variety of these species. Although, a visit to this new exhibit may be able to shed a little more light on the different types of dinos that used to rule the land.

In the Dinosaurs – When Giants Ruled! exhibit, you can go eye-to-eye with the giants as you uncover some of the biggest mysteries revolving around them. Discover dinosaur bones, take a picture with the feared Tyrannosaurus Rex, operate an animatronic dinosaur and more all in this interactive exhibit.

Ripley museums are all about the oddities, and what’s more unusual than the great dinosaurs of the past? Debates surfaced throughout the years about the origin of these creatures. Are they reptiles, or are they more birdlike? And what was it that destroyed them? They were once the most successful beings that our planet has ever seen, before they became bones buried underneath the earth. Science is still searching for answers to some of the biggest questions concerning some of the world’s biggest creatures, but you can uncover some for yourself at this new exhibit.

Other popular Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach attractions include the Living Gallery, where vibrant and unusual undersea life resides, including the Pacific Giant Octopus, sea anemones, living corals, and jellyfish. The aquarium’s most popular exhibit is the Dangerous Reef, which is a large tank filled with thousands of fish, including sharks, a species as old as the dinosaurs. Hop on the three hundred and forty-foot long glide path and be taken on an under the sea journey to see these aquatic creatures.

When you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, be sure to check out the other Ripley attractions: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, Ripley’s Moving Theatre, the Marvelous Mirror Maze and the Haunted Adventure. At the museum, you can see some of the most unbelievable artifacts, such as a vampire killing kit. At the Moving Theatre, get a multi-sensory movie experience as you bump, turn and dive as the characters in the film do. During the Virtual Time Machine film, you can even go back in time and maybe spot some dinosaurs for yourself. Get lost in the mirror maze and explore the two thousand square feet of dead ends, surprising corners and crazy circles. Lighting and sound effects make the maze even more confusing. For a truly Haunted Adventure, explore a closed-down factory that even the locals avoid. Inside, you will encounter terrifying entities around every corner.

Stay close by all the Ripley excitement when you book a room in the Courtyard Myrtle Beach Broadway, Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach-Broadway @ The Beach, Fairfield Inn Broadway or Palmetto Shores Resort. All of these hotels, and more, are located anywhere from half a mile to just over one mile of the Ripley attractions and provide spacious rooms and comfortable accommodations for each of the guests.

The film Jurassic Park, and the book before it, was able to give us a little more insight into the wonders of the great creatures from millions of years ago. Their power and strength both terrified and amazed us in Spielberg’s and Crichton’s representations. And we were taught to never mess with them; there’s a reason they’re extinct. But that shouldn’t stop up from being thoroughly interested in them. Ripley’s Aquarium’s new exhibit gives us the opportunity to learn more about the incredible journey of dinosaurs in an earth-shaking experience.

4 thoughts on “Giants Return to Myrtle Beach at Ripley’s Aquarium

  1. “Giants?” I thought as I read the title of this article “The team? The Jack-and-Beanstock kind?”
    I was pleasantly surprised as I read about the dinosaurs at the Ripley’s museum. It sounds amazing!

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