Take Your Grad Out to Six Flags America for Grad Day

The months of April, May and June mark the end of another school year, and, for many, the end of a major turning point in their life. If you have a child who is graduating elementary, junior high or high school this year, take them to Six Flags America for the annual Grad Days. Grad Days started on March 31 and will continue until June 3, and are the perfect way to show your student how proud you are of their accomplishments. Or, if you’re the graduating student, grab your friends and classmates and celebrate your own achievements. Graduation is a big event in every person’s life, and marks years of accomplishments that may have gone unnoticed. Take this opportunity to get a discounted price into Six Flags America and enjoy the thrilling rides, entertaining performances and great theme park food.

Six Flags America has something for everyone. High school seniors love the collection of looping, twisting and speeding thrill rides. Batwing is always a favorite, giving its riders a soaring sensation as it speeds down the tracks in a series of corkscrews, loops, and drops. Change superheros and board the Superman: Ride of Steel, where you will plunge two hundred feet towards the ground. Your stomach will leap to your chest as your coaster drops down the tracks, but don’t worry, you’ll safely soar back up towards the sky before completing another fast-paced drop – or two. And if you need a little more “evil” in your ride, check out The Joker’s Jinx, where the Marvel villain takes you on a terrifying, but exhilarating ride, rocketing from zero to sixty in three seconds. The ride includes over fifty-five vertical and horizontal curves and four loops that put you completely upside-down.

And if you choose one of the later Grad Days to attend the park, you’ll be able to be one of the first passengers ever on the all-new, alarmingly exciting Apocalypse. With the upcoming “end of the world,” Six Flags is paying tribute to the Mayan Calendar’s prediction with a brand new, stand-up, steel ride. The coaster takes you on a terrifying journey through what the apocalypse might put the world through, as you drop ten stories, soar down the tracks at over fifty-five miles per hour, hold your breath as the coaster inverts three hundred and sixty degrees, and endure a series of twists, turns and loops until you finally reach the end. Take the opportunity to ride this exciting new coaster – it may not be there for much longer.

Everyone will love racing against their friends and family members on Sonora Speedway. Strap your seat belt, grip the steering wheel and let your foot hover over the gas pedal as you wait in anticipation for the light to turn green. When it finally does, stomp the pedal and feel the lurch of your go-kart as you speed past fellow racers to the finish line. Feel the cool breeze against your face as you control your own miniature car in a series of turns as you try to finish first. While crashing into another car isn’t allowed on the Speedway, or on the real road for that matter, it’s all about the collisions at Coyote Creek Crazy Cars. Partner up or go solo and hunt down your best friends, younger siblings or children. Press down on the gas and go head-to-head against them all.

Six Flags has a wide selection of family and kid rides for the younger graduates. Drop thirty feet down on the Sky Jumper, or get a mild flying sensation on the swings of Taz’s Film Works. Park classics include the Carousel, a ride along the park on Capital Railways, the spinning Tea Cups and the old-fashioned Great Race Antique Cars. The whole family will love all of these peaceful, relaxing park favorites. Or, pick up a little more speed on the spinning Cyclone, a twisting sensation that gives guests a ride on a tornado. The High Seas aren’t for the weak-at-stomach. Rock back-and-forth atop the waves – if you’re not prone to seasickness.

Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags America’s connected water park, will be open during the later date Grad Days, as well. The park has a collection of fast-paced water slides, including Bahama Blast and the Mako, as well as some more lower-thrill level areas for the younger kids. At Buccaneer Beach, your younger graduates can become pirates and have a fun-filled watery fight with the dual pools and interactive elements. In Hurricane Bay, one of the largest wave pools in the country, guests can catch a wave or play in the shallower waters. The excitement of both Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor can wear you down, but Castaway Creek offers a solution. This “lazy river” will take you for a relaxing float across the water park.

It’s not all about the rides at Six Flags, though. While you’re visiting the park, check out some of the amusing and exciting shows. In the Grand Theater, a new world, EFX, exists. Go on a unique and incredible journey, when thousands of bubbles, lasers and more come together for a thrilling experience. Laugh out loud and hang on to the edge of your seat in a show everyone will enjoy. The Pirate’s Quest: A Stunt Adventure mixes comedy, drama and action into one fun-filled show. All of your favorite Looney Tunes friends and Justice League heroes are hanging around the park, also. Find Bugs, Tweety, Batman and Wonder Woman and strike a pose for a souvenir photograph.

If you’re not from the Baltimore or Washington, DC area, the Hampton Inn Washington-I-95 (Largo), Comfort Inn FedEx Field/DC, and Hampton Inn Bowie are all located less than five miles away from the Six Flags theme park. Don’t worry about the hassle of waking up early in the morning to drive to the park; with these convenient locations, you’re only minutes away from celebrating the achievements of your graduate. Spend a full day at the park, sleep well in your comfortable hotel room, then wake up the next morning to see the sights of Washington, DC. Visit some of the most popular DC locations, including the Crime Museum, the Johnson IMAX at the National Museum of Natural History and the Einstein Planetarium IMAX at the National Air & Space Museum. Take a DC After Dark tour, then head back to your hotel. Hotels closer to the DC area include the Holiday Inn Georgetown – Washington, DC and the Hyatt Regency Washington.

Your grad deserves a day to have fun. They’ve worked hard to get where they are now, and you can show them exactly how proud of them you are with Grad Days. Take them to Six Flags America for a well-deserved day filled with adventure and excitement.

7 thoughts on “Take Your Grad Out to Six Flags America for Grad Day

  1. The Mr. Freeze at Six Flags St. Louis is my all-time favorite roller coaster. If you’re a grad, take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

  2. This is a great way to end the school year. I wouldn’t mind going there after school has ended after dealing with finals and everything like that. This is a great idea.

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