New Ride Opening This May at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

A terrifying and thrilling new experience is headed towards Busch Gardens in Williamsburg this May. Strap in tight, take a deep breath, and get ready for a fast-paced, daring ride through the dreaded, dark, and deadly Black Forest. The new Verbolten ride, opening May 18, starts at a seemingly harmless German tourist center. But don’t get too comfortable, because you’re about to be launched into a dangerous journey. When an unexpected detour causes your coaster to head into the forbidden Black Forest, you will need to prepare yourself for a spine-chilling, breathtaking ride.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is separated into different sections, themed loosely around a specific country: France, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, England, and Germany. These European-themed areas include dining and shopping opportunities that allow you to embrace the different cultures. Grab a bite to eat in Italy and savor the mouth-watering chicken parmigiana, spaghetti with meat sauce, cannelloni and more. Then take a stroll through the shops in France for surf apparel, accessories, pottery and more. Different rides and exhibits are located throughout the countries as well, for even more entertainment. Verbolten is located in the Germany/Oktoberfest area.

The park has been named the “World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” for twenty-one years. The park’s four thrilling, high-speed roller coasters reach into the sky, standing out against the array of trees serving as a scenic backdrop. In addition to eighteen other water, family, and kid-friendly rides, these four coasters are being joined by another, exciting adventure. Verbolten takes you through a forested area, giving you a picturesque view as you travel – if you can manage to keep your eyes open throughout the ride, and if you can catch it all as you dash through at high speeds. Busch Gardens is also home to a variety of animal exhibits, such as Wolf Haven and Highland Stables, and exciting shows, including a wonderland-based show, “Entwined,” in which fairy tales come to life in a spectacular performance by acrobats, dancers, and singers. When you come out to the Williamsburg park, you will see why it has been voted the “Most Beautiful Theme Park in the World.”

The new ride comes with an exciting story that you can experience before you visit the park on Busch Gardens’ website. Then, you can experience the wonder and the fear for yourself. When you make the trek across the park to the ride, and as you wait in line for your chance to strap into the new coaster, take the chance to view the beautiful, plush forest and surrounding area, because once the ride begins, you may only get the chance to experience the sublimity for a moment. The experience starts with a peaceful drive across the country, but an unexpected event causes you to make a detour through the dark forest. The excitement builds when you are rushed into the foreboding Black Forest, prohibited to any trespassers. With rapid, unpredictable weather changes, abrupt alterations to the road’s surface, and surprising encounters along the way, the ride, which, believe it or not, is only a quick dash through the forest, is one you will not soon forget.

When you break out of the treeline, don’t get too comfortable, though. It’s not over yet. Next, prepare yourself for a plunge down eighty-eight feet towards the Rhine River. Watch as the water seems to rise towards you, hold your breath and close your eyes as you await the seemingly inevitable crash of water on your face, before you swoop to the side and avoid it all. The ride ends back where you started, and you can finally release that gust of air you’ve been holding in throughout the entire journey.

When you regain steadiness after the fast-paced, multi-launch roller coaster, take a leisurely stroll through Germany and Oktoberfest, and enjoy some of the other attractions in the area. Mäch Tower is a massive structure that ascends into the blue sky above and is another one of the new attractions in Oktoberfest. Riders strap in tight and are lifted to the top of the tower. But you’re not just rising slowly. As you ascend, you spiral around the tower at high speeds. Then, you reach the top, are granted a moment’s relief, then plummet towards the ground, from atop two hundred and forty feet. You’ll exit the tower, laughing and trying to catch you breath again. Did you love the spinning on Mäch, but need a little less thrill this time? Der Wirbelwind is a spinning swing ride, also located in the Germany/Oktoberfest area. Feel the cool rush of air across your face as you sit back and let the ride take you on a peaceful journey.

Verbolten’s construction is the largest roller coaster project in Busch Garden’s thirty-seven-year history, and the opening has been highly-anticipated by regular guests and coaster enthusiasts since the park announced the project in September of 2010. The ride’s unique design includes two multi-launches at high speeds, when entering and exiting the forest, a free-fall element, and an eighty-eight-foot drop. When you board the coaster, you’re not just experiencing these elements as they come like a typical ride, however. The elements add to the story of the ride, making it an incomparable adventure that you will want to experience again and again.

While you’re visiting Williamsburg, stay in one of the hotels located less than two miles from Busch Gardens, the Courtyard Williamsburg or the Quality Inn at Kingsmill, and receive luxurious accommodations that add to your overall experience in the city.

2 thoughts on “New Ride Opening This May at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  1. The Verbolten sounds extremely thrilling! I love scenic coasters. The combination of adrenaline and cool scenery makes it a complete, immersive experience. Sign me up!!

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