The Upside-Down WonderWorks Interactive Museum in Pigeon Forge

One stormy night on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle, the world’s greatest scientists were gathering at a Top Secret laboratory. Among the formulas and broiling chemicals, the scientists began the task of creating a man-made tornado and then trying to harness the great power that it produced. Something went wrong, however, and the storm lifted the lab from its stone roots and thrust it thousands of miles away. It eventually landed with a resounding “thud” on top of a theater in Pigeon Forge… upside down. Or so the WonderWorks interactive museum of Pigeon Forge would have you believe.

The building features all of the scientists greatest “experiments.” As you walk into the building, you’re standing on the ceiling, looking up at the floor above you. You can see the staircase, checkered tiles and alternate entrance far above your head where the ceiling should be. In order to participate in the exhibits, you must enter the “inversion tunnel,” where you are turned right-side up and are free to experience all of the amazing and unique exhibits and activities that this hands-on museum has to offer.

The WonderWorks museum breaks the bounds of common imagination and allows visitors to experience once-in-a-lifetime activities. Learn about the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, and actually feel a simulated 5.3 quake at the Quake Café. Climb the gigantic indoor rock wall or ride an Extreme 360 Bike. Visit the Sound Lab for a “3D Sound” experience. There, you’ll be separated from your shadow, play virtual air hockey, and play in the Wonder Dome using only your feet.

If you have a space enthusiast in the family, WonderWorks will allow them to board a spacecraft and journey through outer space. Pose in a spacesuit for a great photo opportunity. Kids can also play virtual baseball with their heroes or “mind ball,” an EEG technology game where participants move the ball with their mind, the same technology used for training cadets at West Point.

Get enveloped in a giant bubble in the Bubble Lab, ride a virtual coaster of your own devising, or enter a new dimension and explore the tricks of the naked eye at the Far Out Illusion Gallery.

With so many fun and interactive exhibits at WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge, it’s an excellent addition to any vacation. Other kid-friendly activities in the area include the Titanic Museum, which is less than ½ a mile away and several attractions within five miles, like Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show and the RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo. Lodging within five miles of the attraction includes the All Season Suites, the Best Western Plaza Inn and the Ramada Inn, so be sure to book a great hotel close by and get your attraction tickets early!

4 thoughts on “The Upside-Down WonderWorks Interactive Museum in Pigeon Forge

  1. I drove past this museum once as a child and remembering wanting to go, but there wasn’t time on our vacation. I would love to go back and get the chance to explore the museum. I used to play Roller Coaster Tycoon as a kid, so I think taking that idea one step further would definitely be something I would love to do, and get the chance to build and ride my own virtual coaster. Sounds like a fun and exciting museum!

  2. That bed looks rather scary but fun to be on! I wonder if they let people do that or if it’s just the wax dummies?

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