World-Fest at Silver Dollar City Returns

Travel the world, all without ever leaving Branson. The highly anticipated event World-Fest is back at Silver Dollar City this April through May. Visit your favorite theme park to experience the different cultures of the world., including Italy, Hawaii, Peru, Kenya, Russia, and more. Watch impressive dance numbers, listen to the melodic sounds of the musical performers, and give your taste buds a treat with the variety of different foods available.

World-Fest is always a popular event with Branson visitors and locals. It starts on April 12 and lasts until May 6. It is America’s Largest International Festival, incorporating unique and exciting cultures from all over the world in brilliant dance and musical displays and mouth-watering food. Traditional acts have included the Russian Academic Band, renowned harpist Dearbhail Finnegan from Ireland, the Slovenian Polka Party, and more. This year, new acts are joining these favorites. La Bella Musica, featuring Carnegie Hall veteran Aaron Caruso, soprano Melanie Goerlitz, and World Accordion Champion Cory Pesaturo, is a highly anticipated music event. At Viva Italia, the Red Gold Courtyard bursts into life as flag throwers, statues, and silt walkers fill the area in a costume parade. More new acts include The Mariachi Divas, the Traditional Hawaiian Country Music Show, the Peruvian Yawar Chicchi Scissor Dancers, and the Kenyan Sarakasi Acrobats. All of these acts and more are guaranteed to give you a unique insight into the different cultures of the world.

You can’t forget about the food, either. Tastes of the World features delicious, nachos from Naples, Dublin, and Juarez, all different in their own recipes. Italy brings traditional spaghetti with meatballs and stuffed calzones, while Old Mexico’s carnitas, chicken fajitas, and sonora dogs will make your taste buds leap for joy. Ireland, Greece, and China all feature their own delectable dishes as well. Try fries from across the world, including France, Vietnam, and Spain, and a variety of desserts will also be available to try. Tiramisu from Italy and German “apfel” dumplings always leave an impression on guests.

While visiting the theme park for the festival, be sure to check out some of Silver Dollar City‘s thrilling rides and attractions. Fast-paced roller coasters take you for the ride of your life, through the treetops on Thunderation and down fifteen stories on WildFire. Family rides include The GIANT Swing and Fire-In-The-Hole. Get a little wet on one of the water rides, American Plunge, Lost River of the Ozarks, and RiverBlast. A visit to Grandfather’s Mansion is guaranteed to mystify you, with its rooms full of slanting floors, mirrored walls, and dizzying effects. Get a little more culture when you visit one of the park’s shows. At Cajun Connection, join Louisiana Music Hall of Famer Cedric Benoit and the Cajun Connection band as they salute the music of Louisiana.

If you’re not from the Branson area, there are many hotels within close distance to the park and some of the city’s other great attractions. Still Waters Resort is just one of the lodging destinations within two miles of Silver Dollar City. At the resort, you can enjoy outdoor activities, including a swim in one of the three outdoor pools, water slides, a running path, and more. Many more hotels are located within a short five mile drive of the park, and are surrounded by several other top attractions, such as Acrobats of China, Branson Titanic, and the Hollywood Wax Museum. The Hampton Inn Branson on the Strip provides guests with comfortable lodging and convenient amenities, including an indoor pool. Or, the Quality Inn – Shepherd of the Hills Expressway provides exceptional services and easy access to Branson entertainment.

World-Fest is the perfect chance to experience the world. Without ever leaving the Silver Dollar City theme park, you can have the chance to learn more about all of the exciting cultures in a unique event, full of laughter and music.

6 thoughts on “World-Fest at Silver Dollar City Returns

  1. The World-Fest is always a fun experience. I remember when I was a kid and visiting SDC with my family. It was nice getting a chance to experience the different cultures. When we weren’t visiting those attractions, we were enjoying the rides. It’s great to see that they’re still so popular after all of these years.

  2. This seem like it would be fun to attend if I have some free times this summer. It would be a good change to experience other cultures.

  3. It’s great to see so many cultural events in the heart of the Ozarks. It reminds us that every culture has something unique and wonderful to contribute to the world. And also that in the midst of this uniqueness there are also strong and important similarities. It seems that no matter where you go in the world, people enjoy good food, good music, and the goodwill of their fellow man.

  4. I went to world fest when I was much younger and it was a really cool experience. You get to learn a lot about other cultures and being able to sample foods from around the world was pretty cool as well!

  5. I ❤ Silver Dollar City! They have so many different festivals year round, but I gotta say that this is the 2nd best festival they have…my absolute favorite is Christmas 🙂

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