San Diego Mission ArtWalk: For Artists and Collectors of All Ages

The Mission Federal ArtWalk begins its 28th year on April 28th, bringing with it the largest art event inSan Diego. What better way to celebrate spring than with a festival of art, music, entertainment and activities? Taking over 18 blocks of downtownSan Diego and the Little Italy community, the Art Walk welcomes art collectors, artists, visitors and families to enjoy the weather and fun activities.

 Artwork of several materials will be seen throughout the ArtWalk, including photography, sculpture, glass art, watercolor, oil paintings and clay pottery. Meet with the artists and learn their fascinating stories. For example, Jon Koehler, a featured sculptor for the ArtWalk, began his artistic career as a motocross enthusiast. There, he learned to design and manufacture parts for racecars, which eventually led to his passion for kinetic sculpture. You may recognize his work, as it can be seen in several public art exhibits inSan Diego,Los Angeles,Las VegasandNew York.

 The walk isn’t just for adults, however, as several local arts organizations have created hands-on projects. The KidsWalk is a grassy area dedicated to such projects. Your kids will have an excellent time learning the basics of art with Art With Larisse, or creating ocean-themed crafts from recycled materials provided by Birch Aquarium. Other exhibits allow kids to use plarn (plastic yarn) to make a squishy family of sea urchins, learn how to weave with various looms, join a drum circle and many more activities.

 There will also be live performances going on throughout the weekend, with bands like Alas des Mosca, whose music is a combination of Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Afro-beat and Rock. There are also bands like The Black Sands, who play something akin to psychedelic rock. There are also several dance troupes that will be performing, with a mixture of styles ranging from tango to ballet.

 While you’re in town, be sure to check out some of the local attractions. Sea World is only about 6 miles away and features tons of family-friendly activities and shows. Several comfortable accommodations are also nearby, including the Sheraton Suites San Diego at Symphony Hall and Best Western Cabrillo Garden Inn, so be sure to book a hotel before they fill up.

Start off your Spring right, with one incredible, art-filled weekend. Visit downtown San Diego from April 28-29 and check out this free event.

One thought on “San Diego Mission ArtWalk: For Artists and Collectors of All Ages

  1. Wow the Artwalk sounds like a lot of fun, seems like there would be something to keep everyone entertained. My home town of Springfield has a similar event that is held each month, but not on quite the same scale. I think I see a trip to San Diego in my future.

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