Spend Opening Day with the Nationals in Washington D.C.

It’s that time of year again, when American’s Past-Time returns. The Washington Nationals host their first home game on April 12, making this month the perfect time to visit the nation’s capital. Washington D.C. is full of family-friendly activities, so grab all of your baseball-lovers for the first home game of the season and cheer on your favorite national team against the Reds. While you’re visiting, make sure to check out all of D.C.’s popular historical and entertainment attractions.

Book a room at the Capitol Hill Suites and be ready to go when the game starts. The hotel is only just over a mile away from the ballpark, so you can make a quick drive or walk over to the stadium. Stay in luxury with one the hotel’s junior or superior suites, complete with a kitchenette for an at-home feel, and lounge in a separate living room. Bring your pet and avoid the hassle and worry of a boarder. Many of Washington D.C.’s historical landmarks are in the area, including the United States Capitol and The Library of Congress, so you can make the most out of your stay.

Then go and root for the Nationals! Nationals Park, home to Washington’s team, redefines the modern architecture of sports facilities, with over 41,500 seats and a design made of steel, glass, and concrete. The structure of the building is reflective of the architecture of the city, and each seating deck creates a variety of neighborhoods, each with a unique identity and viewing experience. The park is also a “certified Green Building,” accredited as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Last year the Nationals went 80-81, which was their second-best record since they moved to Washington from Montreal. This season, help Steve Lombardozzi, Gio Gonzalez, Wilson Ramos, and Roger Bernadina bring Washington their best season, starting with a win against the Cincinnati Reds. The Nationals play Cincinnati Thursday through Sunday at home, so you have plenty of games to choose from, if you can’t make the opener.

Make an entire weekend out of your stay in Washington. Catch an IMAX movie at the National Air and Space Museum, just a mile and a half away from the stadium. A free presentation of “The Stars Tonight” is included in your admission to the museum. Museum experts uncover the mysteries and wonders of the night sky, teaching you about stars, constellations and more. Or take the younger kids to “One World One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure” for an exploration of the night sky with Sesame Street characters.

Explore the world of crime and punishment at The Crime Museum, where a variety of hands-on activities and displays are available that will entertain the entire family. Test your shooting skills at a “Wild West” exhibit, try your hand at breaking into a safe, and experience the action of a high-speed chase. The museum is also home to many displays, including a life-sized police station, complete with a lie detector test, an electric chair, a lethal injection machine, and a jail cell. Learn more about the latest in forensic technology, walk through a crime scene, and visit the set of television’s America’s Most Wanted. Get a unique look into the criminal justice system throughout history and into today.

For a full-day adventure the whole family will love, take a trip to Six Flags America. The amusement park is only a thirty-minute drive from the Capitol Hill Suites and includes a wide selection of thrill, family, and kid rides. Soar down the tracks on Batwing at up to fifty miles per hour. Shoot twenty stories high at seventy-five miles per hour, then take a two hundred-foot long plunge towards the ground on Superman: Ride of Steel for a flying experience. The whole family will love crashing into each other on Coyote Creek Crazy Cars and spinning in the over-sized tea cup ride. A play area and climbing complex is designed specifically for kid-sized fun at Looney Tunes Prop Warehouse, and a train ride through Tinsel Town is always a favorite with the little ones. The park has over fifty rides, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Meet and greet your favorite Looney Tunes friends and join them in a dance party, or enjoy the fantastic shows the park presents, including Pirate’s Quest: A Stunt Adventure.

Then head back to your hotel, or enjoy a delicious and unique meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Great food and music combine together for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. While there is plenty of sightseeing in the restaurant’s neighborhood, such as the Crime Museum, there is even more to see inside. Memorabilia from throughout musical history deck the walls in a celebration of the rock ‘n’ roll genre. Enjoy delectable burgers and sandwiches while reveling in the music.

Washington D.C. always has a lot going on. This April, however, celebrate the country’s past-time as the Washington Nationals play their first home game. Enjoy the sights, museums, and attractions for an exciting family vacation this spring.

3 thoughts on “Spend Opening Day with the Nationals in Washington D.C.

  1. The Crime Museum sounds so neat! I would love to see the famous America’s Most Wanted t.v set and participate in all the hands on activities!

  2. I love the hard rock cafe! Mostly, I like to look at the rock memorabilia and pick up a souvenir T-shirt, but the food is pretty good too.

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