Grand Canyon Air, Land, and Water Tours

Experience the Grand Canyon from the air, land or water when you take one of these tours of the exciting national landmark. See the colors of the canyon come to life when flying over, floating under, or driving through the landscapes. The Helicopter Explorer, South Rim Bus Tour, and Canyon River Adventure are just three of the incredible opportunities that give you a personal and interactive experience with the canyon and its surroundings. Learn about the history, explore nature, and see the sights for yourself when you take any of these tours.

Soar above the canyon rocks and hills on the Grand Canyon Helicopter Explorer for an incredible bird’s-eye experience. From the skies, get panoramic views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Black Canyon, and Fortification Hill. When you stay in a Las Vegas area hotel, the tour guide will pick you up and drive you to the Boulder City airport terminal, where you will depart into the skies on a comfortable and safe helicopter ride. Breathtaking scenes fill your view. Powerful cliffs stand tall, deep blue water shines in Lake Mead, and the colors of nature stand proud on Fortification Hill. For an unparalleled viewing experience, the Helicopter Explorer tour takes you through all of these sights and more, including tribal lands of the Hualapai and incredible drop-offs at Guano and Eagle Point. Add to your helicopter tour an ATV or horseback tour across the rugged terrain for a full Grand Canyon experience, through the desert mountains, forests, and trails.

If heights make you queasy, the Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour takes you on a journey through the landmark’s most popular viewing areas, including Mather Point. From the bus, watch the scenic landscapes of the canyon cliffs, desert ground, and unique wildlife close-up, while learning about the history and the culture of the land. Your knowledgeable driver and tour guide entertain and inform you about Spanish explorers and Western settlers that discovered and lived in the canyon hills. Stop at Mather Point, to look over the edge at the colorful plant life and powerful rock walls. Catch a quick lunch, provided by the tour, before hopping back on the bus for the rest of the day of exciting sights and adventure.

Take all forms of travel when you go on the Canyon River Adventure. Start your tour with a flight over the east rim to Page, Arizona, where you will enjoy a delicious breakfast, provided for you. Then, hop into a four wheel drive vehicle and ride to Antelope Canyon, where beautifully structured sandstone shapes were created by nature over the years. Finally, take a motorcoach to the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam to your raft for a seven mile float down the river. Incomparable sights fill the tour. Look down to see the blues and greens of the Colorado River. Each side of the river is shaped with scenic landscapes of lush plants, strong rock walls, and native wildlife. Above you, the canyon walls stretch towards the sky in a scene not found anywhere else. After your seven mile float, stop for a quick lunch and a hike to discover Native American hideouts, where hieroglyphics and petroglyphs are left over. Return back to the river for the remaining eight and a half-mile float and more inspiring sights. The Grand Canyon Adventure offers you the unique opportunity to see the national landmark from the air, land, and water in one exciting tour.

Visit the Grand Canyon in an entirely different way. Soar above the rock walls in an exhilarating helicopter ride, drive through the landscapes with a knowledgeable guide, float down the Colorado River, or do all three on one of these once-in-a-lifetime tour opportunities. Experience the wonder and beauty of this impressive national landmark up-close and personal in an exciting adventure for unforgettable memories.

4 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Air, Land, and Water Tours

  1. Horseback riding across the Grand Canyon seems very John Wanyne-esque. I will arrive with a cowboy hat, spurs, and an affinity for the word “pilgrim.”

  2. I would love to venture the grounds on horseback then hit the sky for an all out awesome view with the Grand Canyon Helicopter Explorer.

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