Family Easter Weekend in Williamsburg

As parents hunt through the grocery aisles for food coloring, eggs and chocolate bunnies, Spring-themed events begin to bloom in Williamsburg, Virginia. With some of the most exciting interactive educational activities heating up at the Virginia Living Museum and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia is the best place to be for an Easter learning experience the whole family can enjoy.

For a fantastic Easter weekend, be sure to visit the Virginia Living Museum. On April 6th from 6-8 pm only, the museum is holding a Bunny Party for the younger members of the family, complete with a scavenger hunt, live animal demonstrations, Easter-themed games and crafts as well as some light refreshments. There is a small fee attached to the regular admission price ($7.00) that will be paid at the gate.

Aside from its Easter festivities, the Virginia Living Museum features several interactive exhibits and galleries that take hands-on learning to the next level. Some of the galleries include the Mountain Gallery, which exhibits the above and below-water animals that can be found in Virginia’s Mountains, the Coastal Plain Gallery and the World of Darkness Gallery, where nocturnal animals like ghost crabs, flying squirrels and the iridescent moon jellyfish can be seen. The museum also has four Discovery Centers, where kids get up-close and personal with lessons in life science, space science and geology. This includes a visible bee hive, the Chesapeake Bay Touch Tank and more. Fascinating exhibits like the Abbit Plaetarium and Observatory, the Coastal Plain Aviary, the Living Green House and the Butterfly Garden offer incomparable learning opportunities.

The museum also has enrichment activities like Aviary and Aquarium Feeding, an educational tour with a staff astronomer, or a fascinating laser light show, to mention a few, so be sure to check out some of the extra activities offered daily. If you’re not a Williamsburg native, the La Quinta Norfolk Hampton is an easy five miles from the museum.

Also during Easter weekend, Colonial Williamsburg is holding several educational family-friendly activities, including the Hands on History exhibit at the Powell House. Here, children of all ages can experience what life was like for children during colonial times. They will learn the lessons that their ancestors probably learned, play with replica toys and try out some of the games that have long since been forgotten by the general populace.

Colonial Williamsburg has several children’s programs available daily. At the Colonial People exhibit, children can explore the different lives of the colonial people, like a hired tutor, a farm family of seven or an enslaved family of two. Kids can also rent costumes at the Costume Rental Center for a realistic and consuming day of fun. If you’re interested in staying in the area, several hotels are within two miles of Colonial Williamsburg, including the Clarion Hotel Historic District, the Westgate Historic Williamsburg and the Rodeway Inn & Suites.

With several activities available at both the Virginia Living Museum and Colonial Williamsburg, families can get in touch with the science of their current world and also engage in activities of the past. From feeding the aquarium animals at the Chesapeake Bay Touch Tank to living as a young colonial farm child, this Easter will prove to be an exceptional one!

5 thoughts on “Family Easter Weekend in Williamsburg

  1. The Virginia Living Museum would be my preferred destination this Easter. The laser light show sounds like it would be an incredible performance and the animal exhibits would be a cool and unique attraction.

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