Historical Veteran’s Day Weekend in Williamsburg!

On November 11th, historically rich city of Williamsburg goes all out to honor American soldiers for Veteran’s Day. A parade marching down Duke of Gloucester Street will feature fife and drum musicians as well as veterans dressed in colonial infantry uniforms, recreating a scene from the 18th century. Following the parade, a ceremony is held behind the Courthouse of 1770 to honor men and women who have served their country with pride. Also, on Veteran’s Day, active-duty, guard, reserve, or retired military personnel and their families are invited to visit the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, and many of the town’s museums, free of admission. If you’re heading to Williamsburg for this special annual event, then make sure to check out the fun attractions below.

Experience life in the 18th century as Colonial Williamsburg recreates what an entire town during this time period would be like. From historical buildings to costumed residents acting the part, this is sure to be an educational and entertaining activity for the whole group. This Saturday and Sunday, a special event will be taking place in honor of Veteran’s Day. The Brothers-In-Arms Weekend is an exploration of how African-Americans changed the Revolutionary War, and how the war changed the status of African-Americans. Numerous demonstrations, reenactments, and exhibits will tell the story of this particular group of soldiers during this time of war in America.

America’s first settlement, Jamestown, is now an interactive living museum where guests can not only see what life in the first colony was like, but become a part of it as demonstrations and hands-on activities are available. Costumed workers are completely in the role of residents from the settlement built in 1607. Climb aboard the ships navigated by the Englishmen on their voyage to the New World, visit their Native American neighbors, the Powhatans, and check out the gallery exhibits that give extensive information about Jamestown. A new exhibition, “The 17th Century: Gateway to the Modern World,” is set to open on November 16th, and will explore the transition period from the “old” world of theMediterranean to the new globally connected world.

Celebrating America’s independence from Britain is a wonderful way to remember all the soldiers who have given their lives for what is right, just, and in the best interest of Americans. At the Yorktown Victory Center, you can do such by visiting a variety of indoor exhibition galleries that highlight events in history such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Outdoors, venture through a re-created Continental Army encampment that depicts life of soldiers toward the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Also, there is a replicated 1780s farm with crop field, a tobacco farm, and living quarters.

Have a Great Veteran’s Day!


17 thoughts on “Historical Veteran’s Day Weekend in Williamsburg!

  1. What better way to spend Veterans Day than taking a historical journey of our country. Williamsburg is one of the best places to do just that.

  2. It sounds like Williamsburg is a good place to visit any time of the year for a good history leason. I’d love to make it out sometime 🙂

  3. I can’t wait for Veteran’s Day to come around this year so I can visit Williamsburg during this event. It sounds like such a great destination to spend the day honoring our troops – past and present.

  4. I always love celebrating Veterans day. One because its a day just to celebrate everyone that has fought for our country and second its the day before my birthday. I’ve always wanted to check out Willamsburg. I’ve been to Virginia but never to Williamsburg. Such a pretty state. I will have to check it out maybe this next November.

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