Veteran’s Day in Memphis!

 Veteran’s Day is this weekend and events in downtown Memphis begin on Friday, November, 11th. This is quite a festive time of year as the birthplace of the blues honors those who have given their service and lives for their country. Parades, ceremonies, and 21 gun salutes will commence, and it will be a wonderful time to come to Memphis for a couple days. If you’re in town for the Veteran’s Day celebrations, then consider participating in some of these tours below that you may not have had the opportunity to experience before. From rock n’ roll front men to eerie supernatural occurrences, these attractions are unique to Memphis and will be enjoyed by every member of your family or group.

If you’re a fan of guitar legends like Angus Young from ACDC and Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses, then don’t miss out on a tour that will show you the makings behind these musicians’ signature guitars and sounds on the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour. Walking through the factory, guests will see how a Gibson masterpiece is made from start to finish. You’ll be amazed by the amount of time and attention that goes into each handmade guitar, and learn facts about the different rock stars that have come to make Gibson their go-to brand. Each guide is an expert on Gibson guitars as well as has knowledge of the Memphis area, and how Gibson has been an influential part of its history. This tour can be taken over and over again, and a greater appreciation for these instruments will be developed each time.

Musicians aren’t the only things that lurk through venues and side alleys of Memphis, and on this Ghost Walking Tour, you’ll discover a history of the supernatural that is still said to linger about. Hear stories of a small girl who has a permanently reserved seat at the Orpheum Theatre and has been known to play the organ at night and trick actors during productions. Learn about the dark past of Cotton Row, and feel chills down your neck as you trace the footsteps of famous artists and notorious spirits. This is a fun tour with guides that are true characters who love sharing the creepy tales of the area.

If you’d like to get a little bit of exercise while touring Memphis, then book a Rockin’ Running Tour in which a professional guide will jog with the group and point out different sites along the way. Jogging by landmarks such as Cotton Row and the Evergreen Historic District, tours cover between three and six miles, and are appropriate for various running abilities for kids and adults alike. The route is fully narrated, so you’ll learn about the history of Memphis and burn some calories at the same time. Stay fit while seeing the sights, and check out this unique tour!

10 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day in Memphis!

  1. Great article, some really interesting tours in here. The Gibson Guitar Factory tour would provide a lot of info for the guitar enthusiast, and the running tour is the first of its kind I have heard about. Neat idea.

  2. Memphis does seem to ofer a variety of things to do, besides listen to country music. The notion of a Rockin’ Running Tour is a great idea for people on vacation looking for a way to incorporate health into their vacation.

  3. Coming from a military family, we would love the military events that Memphis puts on for fallen soldiers and current soldiers.

  4. I’m definitely checking out one of the ghost tours. I recently heard about this one called the Dark Side of Memphis tour that actually takes you to the site of a Civil War hospital. Spooky!

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