Williamsburg Yorktown Victory Celebration is October 15 and 16!

Celebrate one of America’s most important military victories at Yorktown, Virginia. See colonial military demonstrations and battle re-enactments at this historic site. This celebration promises to offer endless fun and education for all who attend. If you really want to get in on the action, you can go to soldier school and learn what it was like to be a colonial soldier fighting for independence from the British crown. This takes place October 15 and 16, Saturday and Sunday. Book your Williamsburg lodging and check out some of the other incredible attractions around the area.

Take a step back in time when you visit Colonial Williamsburg. Visit the restored city and watch as re-enactors bring history alive. Visit the historic area, its museums and art galleries, historic homes, old plantations, and more. Choose from a variety of different passes for the one that offers the experience perfect for you.

If you or your children enjoy watching animals, then the Virginia Living Museum will offer loads of fun at an affordable price. This indoor and outdoor museum allows you to see a variety of animals all in their natural habitats. From a 0.75 mile outdoor walk where you can see bobcats and red wolves to a 30,000 gallon aquarium, many of Virginia’s native species are found here. In addition to these exciting attractions you can also enjoy an aviary and science center.

With the Yorktown Sailing Cruises, you’ll have the chance to experience travel on the high seas as it was over 300 years ago – aboard a tall ship! You’ll sail aboard the Schooner Alliance, much like the ship Capt. John Smith used when trading with the Powhatan Indians. The journey will take you past the Yorktown Battlefield, Victory Monument, the banks of the river, and more as you experience the culture and history of America while simultaneously seeing the beautiful sites of the Williamsburg area. If you are lucky, the crew will let you lend a hand at setting sail.

2 thoughts on “Williamsburg Yorktown Victory Celebration is October 15 and 16!

  1. The Virginia Living Museum is an attraction you have to go to if you’ve yet to experience its exhibits. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the trip.

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