Taste the Spirit of New Orleans with Delicious Culinary Tours!

Dining is an integral part of the vacation experience, and New Orleans is the perfect spot to indulge in the pleasure. With the unique and savory Southern cuisine as well as the area’s signature cocktails, there is plenty to taste and enjoy. If you want a convenient way to get the inside scoop on some of New Orleans best drinks and eateries, check out a culinary tour where you’ll travel the city trying out all kinds of amazing cuisine and intriguing mixed drinks. Just book a hotel in the Louisiana hotspot and get ready to chow down and belly up with these incredible tours.

New Orleans Original Cocktail Walking Tour

The Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour will give you the historical information surrounding the creation of the cocktail. You will also visit the bar where Southern Comfort was concocted and hear about its creator, M. W. Heron. You will also get to take a walk through the French Quarter and hear about the other bars and restaurants in the New Orleans, as well as some of the drinks created in the Big Easy.

Steamboat Cruise & Cocktail Tour

Treat yourself to the full southern experience on your trip to New Orleans with the Steamboat Cruise & Cocktail Tour, which is an exciting cruise experience that sets off on the beautiful Steamboat Natchez to explore the New Orleans area in the same fashion the area’s original inhabitants saw it. You will enjoy a two hour guided tour of the New Orleans area and will have the option of adding food and drinks to your cruise to enhance your experience. The Cocktail Tour provides you with great southern drinks that capture the true spirit and history of the area.

Tasty Sample of New Orleans

Give your taste buds a Cajun-style treat with the Tasty Sample of New Orleans guided tour. This unique culinary experience takes you on a three hour guided walking tour through the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, making stops periodically at top restaurants where you can sample a range of New Orleans treats. The walking tour culminates in a full dinner at Tujague restaurant. The tour also includes a two and a half hour cooking class where you can learn the fine art of Cajun cooking at the New Orleans School of Cooking. The Tasty Sample of New Orleans is the perfect way for food lovers to explore the flavors of New Orleans!

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