Join the LEGOLAND Junior Master Model Builder Competition!

The second full weekend of every month brings a fun-filled builder competition at LEGOLAND California, and this weekend is no exception. If you’re a longtime Lego master, or just have a young creative heart, this competition is not to be missed. With three different categories, from the young ones under nine years of age, the in-betweeners of ten to fifteen, and teens and adults over sixteen, the entire family can participate in the action. Just head to LEGOLAND and check out the Imagination Zone. There you will be supplied Lego bricks and baseplate with which you must build your signature creation. Win the competition and you’ll be headed to the Ultimate Build Off event next year!

While you’re there, gain some inspiration from the unbelievable things constructed from Legos all throughout the park. There are also tons of rides and shows to keep you entertained. Meet the coolest Lego characters in life-size or laugh until you cry at the comedy show. Shops that allow you to custom create your own Lego blocks can be found here, too. Grab some thrills on rides like the Bionicle Blaster, the Coastersaurus, and the Aquazone Racers. If you’re anywhere near San Diego, you’re going to want to spend some time at LEGOLAND.

Also, there’s plenty of other attractions in the area that you can’t pass up. Here’s a link to all the incredible activities as well as the best lodging options in San Diego. Plan an unforgettable vacation today!

San Diego Attractions:

San Diego Lodging:

2 thoughts on “Join the LEGOLAND Junior Master Model Builder Competition!

  1. As the mother of three sons, I have stepped on and picked up more than my share of logos! The opportunity to compete for Lego Master in the Ultimate Build Off event would be a chance to use my experience to “build on”…..

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