Family Activities for the Fall Season!

Summer has bid goodbye, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop in this vacation hotspot. Plenty of hotspots are available for your enjoyment that lend themselves to whatever type of weather is brewing outside. These options below will provide terror, thrill, and even some wholesome educational content. Your family will have a well-rounded getaway if you’re able to make it out to all three places.  

The Haunted Adventure

As the Halloween season nears, The Haunted Adventure attraction inMyrtle Beach is the perfect place for a scare. Formerly a factory run by two men who mysteriously disappeared in the 1800s, locals avoided the building due to the horrible events rumored to happen there. Now only brave souls will enter, determined to find out what’s going on inside. The special effects, props, and set design really make this story come to life as you tiptoe around each corner hoping not to find a lurking surprise. Enter if you dare.

 NASCAR Speedpark

Adults and kids alike will be exhilarated when tearing around the numerous tracks at this high-speed go-kart motorway. There are different speeds and course styles depending on age and skill set so there will be an option for everyone in the family. In addition to this activity, there are also bumper boats, bumper cars, and two miniature golf courses that fit with the NASCAR theme. After hitting up these thrills, play a few games in the SpeedDome arcade, or visit the snack bar which offers the fastest service around.

 IMAX Theatre

This attraction is a three-dimensional treat for the whole family as a number of different films are shown on the huge screen including features like deep sea adventures, dinosaur explorations, and natural phenomenon. A perfect activity after a day out on the sunny beaches, or if there are rain clouds in the sky, make sure to catch at least one of the movies during your trip. Kids will love the effects that bring the screen to life, and they’ll even learn some of the educational material present in each film.

2 thoughts on “Family Activities for the Fall Season!

  1. I’ve driven a similar racetrack experience in Branson,MO, but NASCAR Spedpark sounds like a much bigger, faster run! I discovered a competetive nature that surprised me on regular go-carts. I can only imagine what would come out in me on the speedways at NASCAR!!

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