Lots to Attend in Washington D.C.This Weekend!

There are a variety of festivals being held in the next few days, and also a memorial to remember the victims of September 11th. This weekend is sure to be a ton of fun with an arts festival that is hosting numerous musicians, artists, and theatrical performers, and a Renaissance festival that boasts jousting tournaments, knighting ceremonies, and medieval games. On Sunday, head to the National Mall for an event to commemorate 9/11.

Arts on Foot Festival

On September 10th, the 17th annual Arts on Foot festival hosted by theKoshland Science Museum and will take place in Penn’s Quarter in the downtown area. Talents present will include musicians, theatre, dance, and of course visual artists. Science intervenes during some points as a DNA activity is featured in which you can actually get DNA extracted from a strawberry. Creative cuisines will also be at this event, so arrive hungry! Visit the Koshland Science Museum’s tent first to be granted free admission.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Visitors to this event will be transported back in time to the arrival of Henry VIII’s arrival to the RevelVillagetaking place September 10th – 11th. This family destination will be an incredible time for all ages as the costumed actors bring back a period of history full of jousting competitions, knighting ceremonies, and medieval games. Guests can also watch glass blowing demonstrations, listen to the songs of a minstrel, or attend a theatrical performance. Of course there will feasting as well with choices like roasted turkey legs and giant mugs of ale.

Heart of America Quilt Display

This Sunday is the anniversary of the tragic event of 9/11, and the National Mall will honor victims of the attack by hanging a quilt on the exterior of the building. This is no ordinary quilt as it features panels from hundreds of contributors from locations around the world. The fabric stretches to a massive half acre in size and is too heavy to be sewn together so panels are hung with red and blue fabric. Visit this memorial and pay tribute to those who were lost on September 11th.

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