Gatlinburg Attractions Deliver an Adrenaline Rush!

Summer is coming to a close, but luckily the fun is far from over with these Gatlinburg attractions that send you flying through the air, tearing through the mud, and rolling down hills. If you want to experience a thrill on this weekend trip, then look no further because Gatlinburg knows how to satisfy the adrenaline needs of every daredevil. Check out some of the different activity descriptions below, and then pick your exciting adventure.

If you’ve ever wondered what a beach ball feels like being tossed around a rock concert, then look into the Smoky Mountains ZORB Ride in which you’re placed in an 11 ft. inflatable globe and rolled on a metal track down an 820 ft. hill. Harnessed in safety straps, you’ll go head over heels in a roller coaster ride like you’ve never experienced. Another option is the ZYDRO where 5 gallons of water is put inside the globe, and a variation of a water slide is created as you slip and slide down a grassy, less steep track.

For those who are slightly less adventurous than what is required for the ZORB Ride, climb aboard a mighty beast with Gatlinburg’s Monster Truck Rides. Tear up the ground on an off-road dirt track sitting in this giant vehicle that sits on 66” tires. This is a family friendly activity enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Don’t miss the action packed joyride and the feeling granted by the thundering power of these monstrous machines.

Now that the land attractions have been covered, you can soar into the clouds on a thrilling sightseeing adventure with Helicopter Rides in the Smokies. Four different options are available to visitors on this tour ranging from 2 minute rides that travel 8 miles, all the way up to 40 minute flights that cover 100 miles. A variety ofSmokyMountainscenery can be observed with each selection, so any flight you choose is sure to be a great choice.

2 thoughts on “Gatlinburg Attractions Deliver an Adrenaline Rush!

  1. Been Zorbing through the streets of Cowley, we were always meant to be, zorbing together, and i think its high time we started.

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