Williamsburg Lets You Enjoy the Water Without Getting Wet!

Want to experience the wonders of the water but not get soaked? Well, Williamsburg has the perfect attractions for you. There are boat rides and cruises so you can spend time on the water completely dry. No need to bring a change of clothes, the only thing you’ll be soaking up is the summer sun. Also, the Living Museum has an enormous aquarium for you to observe the wildlife underwater through the comfort of a glass pane. Water fun without the wet is what you’ll get in Williamsburg, so book your lodging and grab your tickets to these solid attractions today!

With the Yorktown Sailing Cruises, you’ll have the chance to experience travel on the high seas as it was over 300 years ago – aboard a tall ship! You’ll sail aboard the Schooner Alliance, much like the ship Capt. John Smith used when trading with the Powhatan Indians. The journey will take you past the Yorktown Battlefield, Victory Monument, the banks of the river, and more as you experience the culture and history of America while simultaneously seeing the beautiful sites of the Williamsburg area. If you are lucky, the crew will let you lend a hand at setting sail.

Learn about the Chesapeake Bay and Williamsburg coastal area on the informative and exciting Miss Hampton II Harbor Cruise. The fully narrated tour will take you past such sites as the Virginia Air and Space Museum, Blackbeard’s Point, and the Old Pointe Comfort Lighthouse, just to name a few. As the Miss Hampton II is the only harbor cruise vessel in this part of the state you will be able to get up close and personal in places you may not otherwise be able to see.

If you enjoy watching animals, then the Virginia Living Museum will offer loads of fun at an affordable price. This indoor and outdoor museum allows you to see a variety of animals all in their natural habitats. From a 3/4 mile outdoor walk where you can see bobcats and red wolves to a 30,000 gallon aquarium, many of Virginia’s native species are found here. In addition to these exciting attractions you can also enjoy an aviary and science center.

4 thoughts on “Williamsburg Lets You Enjoy the Water Without Getting Wet!

  1. The virginia living museum would be awesome to see, 30,000 gallons of water inhabited by native species is alot to observe! Also the yorktown sailing cruises sound really interesting.

  2. This seems perfect for me. I love viewing water activites and being around water, but I’m not big on being in the water or soaking wet. There’s plenty of options to choose from, too! Very cool.

  3. Williamsburg is looking better and better…from boats to bobcats, you can see it all! The area offers a variety of cruises to pick from to experience the water and veiw the historic waterfront. Any chance to visit wildlife in a natural habitat always draws me towards it and the Virginia Living Museum seems to offer me many coices.

  4. I am excited about going to williamsburg! There are so many new things to do and try! I love any activity on or around water. Gonna be a great time.

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