Capture the Diverse Landscapes of Las Vegas on These Photo Tours!

The immaculate sky-high hotels and casinos of Las Vegas are quite a sight when the sun goes down and the neon lights flicker to life, but during the day, check out these different landscapes that the Las Vegas area has to offer. From the dry sandy desert of Death Valley to the beautiful blue Colorado River, this is going to be a weekend full of photographic moments to be enjoyed time and time again after you go on these tours. Check out these different photographic tours below and reserve your spot to be part of the fun.

Colorado River Raft Tour

Floating at the base of the Hoover Dam, this tour will allow you to view this massive spectacle from the water up. A guide will point out different wildlife and habitats of the river and desert areas as you cruise the Colorado River beneath the towering canyon walls overhead. Make sure to bring your camera along for the gorgeous scenery that surrounds your raft. This tour even includes a beach picnic so you can take a break and really appreciate the wonders present on the journey.

Death Valley Photo Sightseeing Tour

You’ll be taken to new heights and depths on this photo tour as you visit Dante’s Point at 5,475 ft. above sea level and then sink to 282 ft. below sea level at Badwater. In between these two extremes is Death Valley, an amazing desert that ranges in landscapes and complex colorings from jagged peaks to low valleys. A guide will also take you through the ghost town of Rhyolite, an abandoned gold mining community and explain some of the culture and events of the past.

Area 51 Photo Sightseeing Tour

If you’re a fan of UFOs, the unexplained, and government cover-ups, then grab your camera and reserve a spot on this tour of the “non-existent” Area 51. Riding into the famous site of Little A’le’inn, you’ll see where documentaries and movies such as “Independence Day” have been filmed. Experience the region that has sparked the most mystery and controversy of anywhere else in the country, and get snapshots to prove that you’ve seen a site that doesn’t exist.

2 thoughts on “Capture the Diverse Landscapes of Las Vegas on These Photo Tours!

  1. Somehow, I usually don’t associate Las Vegas with cruising down the Colorado River or going Far Out to the “non-existent” Area 51…but it sounds like there is more to offer there than just gambling and neon. These tours make everything so easy to enjoy…you just have to show up!

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