New Themes for August at Williamsburg Amusement Parks!

The historical city of Williamsburg is a wonderful place to go for a vacation full of learning about American as well as having a ton of fun. Interactive exhibits at the various amusement parks allow visitors to become part of the past and discover what life in earlier times was like. If you’re headed to Williamsburg this weekend, then check out the special exhibits described at select theme parks below that will only be appearing for a limited time frame!

‘Tools of the Trade’ Month at Jamestown Settlement

Augusts’ theme at the Jamestown Settlement is ‘Tools of the Trade,’ and will focus on the significant instruments and contraptions that made life easier for early settlers. Visitors will have the chance to get some hands-on experience with stone and bone tools as well as navigational instruments and farming equipment. You can also pay your respects to the blacksmiths as they demonstrate their trade. Learning about these different tools will give guests a new appreciation for the innovative designs that early Americans discovered.

NASA Days’ at Busch Gardens

If you or your kids have ever had a passion for space exploration, or a fascination with far-away planets, then head to the Busch Gardens theme park August 5th– 6th for ‘NASA Days.’ Special exhibits will be available for interactive fun as you’ll have the opportunity to view the sun in real time and build a comet with dry ice. Astronaut Susan Kilrain will be visiting as well, and will inform park visitors about what it’s like to live and work in space. Don’t miss this rare occasion to experience an event that’s literally out of this world.

 Virginia Living Museum

Come learn about the wildlife native to the Williamsburg area, and participate in the hands-on discovery centers of theVirginia Living Museum. This attraction boasts a wildlife park, aquarium, aviary, science center, botanical preserve, and more! The aquarium features a ‘touch tank’ and in the wildlife section, guests can walk through the habitats of an Appalachian Mountain Cove and Cypress Swamp. Your whole family will love exploring this living museum and will be informed about the 250 different animal and plant species from the local Virginia area.

 Have Fun in Williamsburg This Weekend!

One thought on “New Themes for August at Williamsburg Amusement Parks!

  1. Now would be the time to head on over to the Jamestown Settlement because it’s the month for learning what‘Tools of the Trade’ made life easier for early settlers. I have read many historical fiction books in this time period, so getting to actually see and watch demonstrations of peoples daily activities would be fantastic!

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