Have an Interactive Experience in Gatlinburg This Weekend!

If you’re headed to the Smoky Mountains in the Pigeon Forge area, make sure to check out these exciting attractions that have made this Tennessee hotspot an incredible destination. The different shows, museums, and rides listed below allow guests to interact with the fun of Gatlinburg rather than just admire the sights. The whole family will enjoy the opportunities that are available for your vacation this weekend.

WonderWorks Interactive Experience

This “amusement park for the mind” is a fun and educational museum for everyone in the group. Visitors can participant in exhibits such as Hurricane Hole, a powerful wind tunnel equivalent to what being in such a storm would feel like, or another option is to land a shuttle in the space simulator. You can even discover what the 1989 San Francisco 5.3 magnitude earthquake felt like at the Quake Café recreated disaster zone. If you haven’t been to this adrenaline rich attraction, then make sure not to miss it in Pigeon Forge this weekend.

Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Theater

The South is rising again at this fun, interactive dinner show that splits the audience into Confederate and Union sides as races, duels, and competitions will force the crowd to wave their flags and cheer for their colors. This production features pyrotechnics, live animals, singing, dancing, and much more that all comes together to deliver an entertaining and memorable experience. The full home-cooked meal of rotisserie chicken, corn on the cob, biscuits, roasted potatoes, creamy vegetable soup, and dessert is a delicious addition to this high-quality dinner theater.

Gatlinburg Sky Lift

The breathtaking ambiance of the SmokyMountains is even greater from the Sky Lift experienced offered by this attraction. The lift will take your family above the streets of downtown Gatlinburg, over the trees of the mountainside, and to the 1,800 ft. peak of a clearing. Once reaching the top, you are welcome to walk around, take pictures, or even sit down for a picnic lunch. This is a spectacular and fun scenic activity that will open up visitors’ eyes to the beauty of the Smokies.

Gatlinburg this Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Have an Interactive Experience in Gatlinburg This Weekend!

  1. Gatlinburg always has fun-filled family events to attend…but this year, the Sky Lift would really be a cool, wind in your face experience for everyone to enjoy!

  2. Ive been to the dixie stamepede numerous times! I absolutley loved it! An awsome show plus more food than you will know what to do with. My favorite part: Every person gets their own small entire chicken. But heres a tip: NO UTINSELS! Finger lickin good litterally!

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