Williamsburg Gets Better and Better this Summer!

You’ve got to get to Williamsburg soon to experience all that’s going on at the many attractions the historic city holds. From live music to new thrills, there’s a lot happening so you will never run out of fun. Spend a couple of days in the Colonial Williamsburg area, and then check out some of the other exciting places around like Busch Gardens, Water Country USA, and the Jamestown Settlement. Just grab a room at a terrific Williamsburg hotel and stay for as long as you would like! Here’s just a few of the many special activities happening soon.

The incredible and beautiful theme park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, is having a summer concert series full of talented performers. After spending a day in the park riding thrill rides, watching fun shows, and looking through wonderful shops, catch a concert as the sun goes down. Colbie Caillat will be there July 23-24, and July 30-31 Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) will be performing. Purchase some park passes and don’t miss these exclusive events.

Water Country USA has all kinds of slides, rafts, and tubes, but the newest one, Vanish Point, takes it to the top! The drop slide is the most thrilling ride yet, giving you the option of two different wave paths. One path sparks anticipation as you stand in a tube and wait for a surprising platform to drop out from underneath you, sending you soaring down the tube slide. The other is a 300’ speed slide that brings the excitement as soon as you get on. This attraction will probably give you the greatest water ride experience you’ve ever had!

Take in the more historic side of Williamsburg by visiting the Jamestown Settlement, an educational journey through an original Pilgrim area. Throughout the month of August (which is coming soon!) the “Tools of the Trade” exhibition will be taking place. This special event includes programs and activities that allow you to learn and experience skills used by colonial Virginia, such as farming, fishing, hunting, defense, navigation, and building. This is only happening in August so start planning your Williamsburg trip today.

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