There’s More to Mount Rushmore Than You Know!

The Mount Rushmore National Monument is a sight to see, that can’t be denied. Those presidential faces carved and blasted into the side of the mountain have been marveled at for some time now. But, are the stone faces the only thing Mount Rushmore has to offer? Absolutely not! There is much more to do and see in South Dakota while you stay in the lodging around the area. Make sure you put a couple of these attractions on your list when you go to visit those four rock-solid presidents.

Travel on a completely restored 19th century steam engine train through the Black Hills of South Dakota with 1880 Train: A 19th Century Train Ride Tour. The sights and sounds that the train creates cannot be duplicated and the experience is incredible. There are gift shops and snack shops for those who like to shop. You’ll depart from either Keystone or Hill City, and you’ll pass by the original train depot from 1880, Elkhorn Mountain, the Kennedy House, and more. Catch this train ride to have a great time.

There’ll be country music, singing-along, chowing down, and lots of fun at the Flying T Chuckwagon Supper and Show. Before the show you’ll get a heaping plate of BBQ or chicken and a variety of other delicious foods, and then the cowboy comedy show will begin. From bluegrass to traditional country to country swing, the Flying T Wranglers bring it all and will have you smiling ear to ear.

At the Big Thunder Gold Mine you can take a tour of a real gold mine and a mining museum, then try your hand at panning for gold yourself. You’ll learn all about how the first gold miners lived their lives and get a first-hand look into their environment, the mine. If it tickles your fancy, you can pan for gold in the stream, and you’re guaranteed to find some!

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