A Guide to Nashville for Those That Love History!

Some people are all about history with its important leaders, unforgiving battles, and many outdated ways of doing things. If you’re on of these people, then Nashville has some great attractions for you to experience. Just spend a few days in the city and explore the history it has to offer. We’ll get you outstanding Nashville lodging to make your trip as easy and convenient as possible. From the 19th century to the early 20th century, this destination is entrenched in a deep history that you can’t refuse to uncover.

The Hermitage – Home of President Andrew Jackson is an intriguing look at a presidential estate. This property was purchased by Andrew Jackson in 1804 and it was here that Jackson and his wife, Rachel, lived in a log cabin and learned how to farm. He eventually built more and more buildings which you can take a look in, and the mansion Jackson built in 1820 is here, too. This self-guided tour is perfect for Civil War buffs.

The Belle Meade Plantation Tour takes you on a journey through a historic plantation complete with a restored 1853 antebellum mansion. This plantation was famous for its racing horses, sold around the world! There are 1890s stables and a carriage house along with an antique carriage collection. Seven other historic buildings accompany a 1790s log cabin. See what a plantation was really like.

Want to go on both tours? Well, here’s the perfect option for you. The Historic Tennessee Tour  includes both the Hermitage and the Bill Meade Plantation so you’ll get to experience both historic sites. This is a must if you want to get all the history you can on your visit.

5 thoughts on “A Guide to Nashville for Those That Love History!

  1. Getting to tour a log cabin where President Jackson and his wife, Rachel learned how to farm sounds like an intresting way to spend a vacation afternoon! I enjoy opportunities to explore history, and the Civil War era
    has always been one of my favorites.

  2. A new look at the old Nashville. I would love to see The Home of President Andrew Jackson. He is very interesting, and one of my favorite Presidents.

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