The Grand Canyon Provides Sunlit Views on Memorial Day Weekend!

Feel the cool breeze and the warm sun on your back as you head out to the Grand Canyon, full of exciting, natural rock formations and an amazing atmosphere during Memorial Day. Celebrate the freedom of America and remember the sacrifice of our great soldiers as you walk across canyon trails and down ravines. The Grand Canyon provides a great way to relax and focus outside of the hustle and bustle of some of the hot spot cities for tourists. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, so remember to bring all the equipment you’ll need, including hiking boots, suntan lotion sunglasses and camping gear. Or, if you’re staying nearby, you can make reservations at a Grand Canyon area hotel.

Many activities abound in the Grand Canyon area, and you can make your getaway even better with the Grand Canyon Explorer Hike, taking you to regions of the Grand Canyon that provide an extensive history on the area’s original tribes, with Indian cliff dwellings with markings and carvings to provide evidence of their original inhabitation. You’ll hike for part of the day, covering approximately three miles as you take in the surrounding views.  You’ll also be provided a gourmet lunch in the mid-afternoon, giving you an extra boost to finish the hike!

The Antelope Canyon Tour provides yet another outlet for extraordinary sightseeing and relaxation. Bring your camera on the deck of this cruise ship as it heads out on a pleasant hour and a half cruise through the winding Antelope Canyon. Take a look at the unique cliff formations, many of which are so narrow that they can only be seen on the water. The Antelope Canyon is an impressive 150 miles long and more than 400 feet deep, giving you an idea of the vastness of this region.

7 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon Provides Sunlit Views on Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. The Grand Canyon has the lure of ancient fore-fathers spirits and seems the perfect place to pay tribute to more of or ancestors sacrificial spirit. The colors and rock formations contribute to the spiritual atmosphere appropriate for Memorial Day!

  2. This is the most beautiful place on earth. The immense size is very immpressive. I have been here 5 times and every time is like the first.

  3. I would love to go on the Canyon Explorer Tour. I’ve seen Indian cliff dwellings in New Mexico and it was amazing. It would be cool to see the ones here.

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