Make Father’s Day One to Remember in Nashville!

Don’t let another Father’s Day pass without a special getaway for your dad – take him on an excursion to Nashville where he can experience whatever suits his fancy, from country legend concerts to outdoor wildlife exhibits. Nashville is full of surprises, and whether this is your dad’s first or fiftieth visit to Nashville, you can always find something enjoyable for your family. This Tennessee city has attraction that number in the thousands, and your dad can find both outdoor activities like fishing and cruises as well as indoor appeal at performances and sports store shopping. Be sure you make reservations for Father’s Day at your choice of Nashville lodging.

Start Dad out on one of the most popular activities in Nashville, the General Jackson Showboat, which combines a luxury cruise, a live performance and a delicious dinner. This is an unforgettable experience that will take you out on the Cumberland River where you can view the city skyline and watch the skyscrapers as they reflect on the deep blue water below. Choose from either a lunch or dinner menu, and enjoy country classics from some of your favorite artists during the meal. Afterward, you may continue your sightseeing experience out on the deck.

For a tribute to our fallen heroes, take your dad out on the Civil War Tour: The Battle of Franklin, where he can discover a little bit of history about Tennessee he may not have known. The Battle of Franklin was one of the most deadly conflicts in the station, with more than 9,500 casualties within the first five hours. Your tour guide will answer any questions you or the rest of your family may have as you walk through the cemetery. As a special highlight of the tour, you’ll also see the Carnton Plantation.

13 thoughts on “Make Father’s Day One to Remember in Nashville!

  1. My dad would love to see the Opry Show. I’ve heard so much about them! This sounds like it would be a fun trip!

  2. This will be so much fun to take my dad to go and see…I cant wait to go and spend’s some daughter father time…

  3. The Civil War Tour of the Battle of Franklin really sounds fascinating…I never dreamed there was a battle that killed so many, in a battle with such early weapons! If your father is still around to enjoy the day with…spend the whole day getting to know him better. Any of these activities would be a great way to do it!

  4. My daddy is a huge country music fan I am sure that he would love to take a trip down to the home of country music. There is so much to do there I am sure he would not even know where to start but he would surly have a blast.

  5. I would of loved to take my father to one of the many great activities in Nashville. He would of loved such a great gift!

  6. My dad and I are huge history buffs so we would probably really enjoy this Civil War tour. This is a great idea for Father’s Day and I’ll have to remember it for next year!

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