Take Part in Williamsburg’s Memorial Day Ceremonies!

Celebrate all that America has accomplished with a special Memorial Day weekend to Williamsburg. Get the most out of your summer vacation with a visit to several of Colonial Williamsburg’s most historic sites, including the Bruton Parish Church, French Grave site and the Palace. Fresh wreaths will be hung in these areas to commemorate soldiers who gave their lives in conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War. Honor your veterans by participating in this great event. You can find Williamsburg lodging for Memorial Day weekend as well.

While you’re in the Williamsburg area, you can find all kinds of exciting attractions to keep you busy, including Busch Gardens Williamsburg, one of Virginia’s most popular theme parks! Take part in some of the festivities featuring famous world cultures like Ireland or Germany with shows, cuisine and fun rides. Kids will take their turn on zooming roller coasters like the Battering Ram, Escape from Pompeii, Roman Rapids or the Griffon. Highlighted shows include Sunny Days Celebration, This is Oktoberfest and Celtic Fyre.

Switch from land to water at Water Country USA, providing the full summer experience. Cool off on a hot day with splashing rides like Big Daddy Falls, Malibu Pipeline, Rampage or Adventure Isle. Remember, many of these rides can hold multiple people in one raft, so the more the merrier. Invite your family and friends along with swim wear for a fantastic experience in Williamsburg’s number one water park. For those that would rather relax and tan, the park also provides more than 1,500 lounge chairs within its boundaries.

9 thoughts on “Take Part in Williamsburg’s Memorial Day Ceremonies!

  1. Williamsburg seems to be loaded with great summertime activities…waterpark, theme park, and all the history anyone could want…all in one city!

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