San Antonio Marks Texas Folklife Festival’s 40th Year!

San Antonio is well-known for its appreciation and celebration of world cultures, and the city will continue this trend by marking the 40th Anniversary of the Texas Folklife Festival this June 10-12. Visitors from all over the nation will come to take part in this fun festival as they discover how Texas culture has bended and molded with the array of traditions that have been introduced to the state each year. Over 40 cultural groups and more than 250 participants and volunteers will come to celebrate cultures with special costumes, tribal dances and singing. Join in the fun with carnival rides, special demonstrations and more than 150 different ethnic foods. If you’re planning on staying for the whole event, be sure to reserve your San Antonio lodging as well.

For additional excitement in San Antonio, you’re invited to take part in San Antonio Missions Baseball, an exciting baseball game that welcomes all ages and provides plenty of action down on the baseball diamond. Cheer for your favorite team as strikes are thrown, fly balls are caught and home runs are hit. Your kids may even get to take part in the fun intermission attractions, including bat turns and races, dot races and specially padded sumo football. If you get hungry, you’ll have plenty of options with vendors in every direction featuring hot pretzels and cheese-drizzled nachos.

Your summer vacation isn’t complete without a visit to the cowboy arena, San Antonio’s Open Pro Rodeo. Watch as bullriders attempt to stay on the full eight seconds as their bulls and broncos stomp and kick up their hind legs. There are all kinds of entertainment with clowns and special  competitions that feature famous riders like Chad Tenborge and Cannon Green. Hoop and holler all evening long during the rodeo and join in the Texas spirit!

4 thoughts on “San Antonio Marks Texas Folklife Festival’s 40th Year!

  1. San Antonio offers many choices of things to see or taste during this celebration! The rodeo sounds particularly intresting to me…love to see cowboys bucking on broncos!

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