Natural Sightseeing and Attractions Abound in Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore area is well-known for those famous four, stone-faced presidents, but you can experience many attractions beyond this sightseeing magnet. Travel to South Dakota and look over miles of sloping hilltops and jutting rock formations in the Black Hills. Take your camera along to capture some of the sights, and participate in some of Mount Rushmore’s extensive tours to not only visualize the area but also receive an educational background of the attractions to make them much more significant and valuable to the American timeline.

Mount Rushmore Audio Tour

With a map and special electronic wand in hand, you can walk anywhere you like in the Mount Rushmore National Memorial area to experience sightseeing through both visuals and audio. Your headphones will broadcast a detailed narration that will cover plenty of history, including that of Gutzon Borglum, the original creator of Mount Rushmore. Outside noise will not interfere with your experience, and the narration will include its own music score to add to your epic experience.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs – Hot Springs, SD

Step into one of the planet’s biggest mammoth research facilities, where exhibits featuring full bone structures of these ancient Ice Age creatures lie. You’ll discover excavation sites and scientific rooms where professional paleontologists study their findings. Visitors will also be able to view parts of the facility where the famous movie “Hidalgo” was filmed starring Viggo Mortenson and marking a great moment in cinematic history. Best of all, once the guided portion of the tour is over, you’ll be able to explore it all yourself.

National Presidential Wax Museum – Keystone, SD

After you’ve explored many of the natural sites of Mount Rushmore, you can head over to this fun museum to see some of the nation’s past leaders. Look for President Nixon  during the famous return journey from the moon or watch as President’s Reagan’s reaction after Germany’s Berlin Wall falls. Visitors can look at presidents from the Revolutionary days up until modern times, with authentic costumes and detailed faces to match.

5 thoughts on “Natural Sightseeing and Attractions Abound in Mount Rushmore

  1. My bucket list includes Mt. Rushmore…it looks like such a beautiful, free part of the country. The audio tour would be a good way to learn a lot, while enjoying the wonder of it all!

  2. I would also take in all the Native American cultural events in the area. If none at the time I go I would learn the local native history. This is a very famous part of the country. On my “to go to” list.

  3. I thought traveling to Mt. Rushmore would have been boring and all about the final destination, but I was shocked the first time to South Dakota at how much there was to see and the varying landscapes and climates that were there.

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