Dive into the Culture of Greece in San Diego this Summer!

Discover all things Greek at the extraordinary Greek Festival in San Diego this year, taking place in the downtown area on June 3 – 5. Visitors won’t run out of things to do at this fun festival, providing hours of excitement with live entertainment drawn straight from the Greek culture, including special song and dance numbers. You can grab a special Mediterranean treat such as Moussaka, Paximathia or Kataifi and chow down as you watch some of the local music. Families are highly encouraged to come to the event, as the festival will be providing plenty of activities and games for the kids to participate in. Door prizes will be available as well. Also, for those that would like the authentic Greek Orthodox experience, they can take a tour of one of the churches in the area. Be sure to reserve San Diego lodging before you come.

After spending time at the Greek Festival, you can learn more about the culture of Mexico with A Day at Rosarito Beach, providing a special tour of Tijuana along the gorgeous coastline. You’ll ride across 17 miles of beach and countryland, with sightseeing opportunities at every bend. Afterward, you can head over to some of the area malls and restaurants at the seaside city to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal and purchase your favorite trinkets for the trip back. Look through landmarks such as the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa.

Baja Coastal Tour to Ensenada is another fantastic tour that takes place in Mexico where you’ll also be able to take a close look at the Mexican way of life. Just as with A Day at Rosarito Beach, you’ll be able to explore the area surrounding the Rosarito Beach Hotel where famous movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Titanic were filmed. Grab a bite to eat at some of the restaurants and sightsee the coastal area before making your return on this fun, nine hour tour.

6 thoughts on “Dive into the Culture of Greece in San Diego this Summer!

  1. The Greek Festival would certainly provide me with many new experiences. I’ve never even knew about Mediterranean treats such as Moussaka, Paximathia or Kataifi, much less tasted them! Also, the activities for children would make a fun time for the whole family.

  2. Having been in San Diego many times I have not had the priviledge to partake in this activity. I know that San Diego is a diverse city and has lots of different ethnic festivals and activities year round. I will have to take in this one next time.

  3. If you want to experience greece but cant afford the airfare…this is the next best thing!! Awesome experience

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