Celebrate the New Orleans International Arts Festival!

Coming up June 8 – 12, New Orleans will be hosting its enormous annual International Arts Festival, bringing the talents, traditions, cultures and cuisine from all over the world in one central spot. You can listen to many of your favorite musicians both local and nationally acclaimed, including Russell Batiste and the Orchestra From Da Hood, Bamboula 200 and Wild Magnolias. Dine on delicious African and Caribbean food from the tropics and try out new recipes you have never tasted. Look for new pieces of artistry at some of the vendor stations throughout the festival and bring something unique home to your loved ones! You’ll be more than welcome to reserve New Orleans lodging while you’re in the area as well.

Once you’ve visited the International Arts Festival, you’ll be able to get a taste of New Orleans with the New Orleans Meal Ticket, offering plenty of meal options for those staying one day or up to five days in the city. Dine in some of the most well-known southern restaurants in the nation, including La Boucherie, Court of Two Sisters Po-Boy Tavern and the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. These meal tickets are a great price for the days that you’ll be in the city.

If you haven’t quite received your cuisine fix, you can try out the New Orleans Culinary Experience, offering an entire luxury class that will provide an amazing three and a half hour class on cooking techniques by a professional chef. For an additional bonus, you’ll also receive a little history on the surrounding area, the “House on Bayou Road.” After you’ve cooked up a luxurious meal, you can sit down in a prime setting, allowing you to savor each bite. If you know of friends who love cooking, be sure to bring them along as well.

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